The Running Lights Interview (30/12/2015)

During one soggy and typically British day, I decided to hit up the YouTube cover section to see what new acts were producing that week. After trawling through over an hours worth of covers feeling a little deflated by the lack of variation, I suddenly stumbled upon an absolute gem of an ensemble. The Running Lights stuck their heads way above the crowds with an incredibly impressive version of Ellie Goulding’s ‘On My Mind’ which swept me back on immediate viewing. With an amazingly professional sound and sheer group quality, I was shocked to see that these guys weren’t roping in hundreds of thousands of viewers. Groovy keyboard progressions, tasty guitar licks, inventive drum sequences and a sweet ass vocal tone to boot; these guys were like the steroid buffed, high tempo and more creative version of Boyce Avenue. Funky, bouncy and unique are all adjectives that don’t do justice to the wicked sound these guys produce! ‘Huge potential’ also would be another understatement as to how popular these guys could get with some exposure; these guys are meant to be big and they will be big, it is an inevitability. So we are very proud to present to you our segment with The Running Lights! The questions and responses proceeded as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?
A. ElectroRock
Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Mike (Vocalist and Guitarist): The Beatles (musicality), Mcfly (personality), John Mayer (guitar playing/songwriting), Butch Walker (production), Green Day (swagger)

Nick (Keyboard): 21 Pilots, John Legend, Set It Off, The Vamps, Tyler Carter, One Direction, Ed Sheeran (all for the simplicity)

Steve (Drums): Raymond Herrera of Fear Factory (double pedal), Daniel Svensson of In Flames (big/driving), Travis Barker of Blink 182 (bouncing wrists), Tre Cool of Green Day (speed), The Rev of Avenged Sevenfold (leaving your comfort zone)

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Mike: American Idiot (Green Day), Continuum (John Mayer), Please Please Me (The Beatles)Nick: Collide With The Sky (Pierce The Veil)

Nick: Collide With The Sky (Pierce The Veil)

Steve: Enema of the State (Blink 182), American Idiot (Green Day), Page Avenue (Story of the Year)

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

Q. Mike: We’re currently working on our debut EP. The songs are all written and arranged, we’re just getting the production together. Nick, our keys player, works at Electric Lady Studios, so he’ll be in charge of mixing the EP. Touring to follow! In the meantime keep an eye out for us on YouTube; we’ll be doing a few covers!

Q. Where did you guys meet and how did you get to being the band you are?
A. Mike: I had been doing a lot of touring guitar/keys work for various artists (Atlantic Records artist Melanie Martinez, Capitol Records artist Marc Scibilia) in addition to working hard on an original musical for Off-Broadway. I wanted to get back to my roots, writing, recording and performing as a frontman, NOT a solo artist (I had released two records on his own previously), but as a part of a band. I called Steve Ranellone, a hometown friend and solid drummer. Steve and I had played in a few bands together growing up, so we were already speaking the same language. To augment our two man set-up, I called on my brother, Nick Squillante a budding mix engineer and producer working at New York’s Electric Lady Studios. Nick’s sonic sense is better than Steve’s and mine put together; needless to say, his involvement has a huge effect on The Running Light’s sound.
Q. The Running Lights is one hell of a sweet name, how did you guys come up with it?
A. Mike: I was on tour with Melanie Martinez at the time. We were flying somewhere and I noticed the running lights on the floor of the aisle onboard the plane. I made it a habit to try to write lyrics of my own while flying so I could still be productive for myself while on tour with another artist. Anyways, the term ‘running lights’ had a cool ring to it, and it made me picture something other than the lights on the floor of a plane, or on the outside of a truck. I imagined literal lights moving extremely fast, energy that couldn’t be stopped. It was only later when I presented the idea to Nick and Steve that they pointed out that it implied running traffic lights. This wasn’t a bad thing; every rock band has to have an air to rebelliousness in them.
Q. What was the last song you listened to?

A. Mike: “All I Ask” by Adele

Nick: “When We Were Young” by Adele

Steve: “Blue and Gold” by The Ghost Inside

So there we have it! We hope we gave you an insight into what the guys are about and the personalities they possess whilst also describing to you their musical prowess! We as a site expect to see these guys hitting headlines for all the right reasons in the future but that can only happen if you, the readers, click on their videos, subscribe to their channel, hit up their social networks and show some love!

The Running Lights’ Latest Cover:

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