Machine Gun Kelly ft. Camila Cabello ‘Bad Things’ Song Review

Great another shockingly terrible dream-pop-rap-trap disaster. Another complete waste of time; this month is going down the drain musically faster than a litre of bleach. Before you rip my head off for immediately throwing this track under the bus, hear me out first. I have a lot of problems with this track, from production to sequencing; I couldn’t stand a single moment.

Let’s start with the musicality as usual. So you have a stereotypical trap beat with irritating, looping hi hats as your back bone. Then you’ve got the rotting flesh that is this songs ripped off, ambient progression (wow guy’s you rearranged Pachelbel’s Canon you should be proud). The torn skin can only be described as Machine Gun Kelly (possibly the worst rapper in modern music today). The broken limbs are definitely Camila Cabello’s heavily auto-tuned vocals with the shoddy pitch correction during the chorus melody. There you have it, the carcass that is ‘Bad Things’.

Lyrically this track was excruciating, with each line just leaving me sighing with disappointment. The chorus, woeful, the verses, creatively useless and the bridge, well do I need to throw anymore insults? This whole track was built on the idea of naughty sex appeal, yet it has to be one of the un-sexiest tracks made this month.You have such imaginative lines as, ‘Nothing’s that bad, if it feels good, so you come back, like I knew you would’, and don’t forget the classic, ‘And we’re both wild, and the night’s young, and you’re my drug, breathe you in ’til my face numb’. Now are these terrible lyrics? No, but they are so unbelievably unoriginal and uninspiring that it automatically makes them terrible.

Machine Gun Kelly’s delivery is stunningly poor, crooning small phrases out slowly and on beat; no exploration and anyone could of done it first time in a studio. Camila Cabello was functional here and she clearly has talent, but what is with that horribly pitched melody in the chorus about half way through? It wouldn’t of taken a lot to scrap that melody and rewrite something that floated over the instrumentation naturally.

Right this is a much shorter review than the average one because I don’t want to waste anymore time talking about such a terrible attempt at making music.

2/10 – Camila saved you from the bottom spot here.


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