Michael Bublé ft. Black Thought ‘Nobody But Me’ Song Review

So the smoothest man in entertainment emerges back from his glamorous cave because as we all know, when the Christmas period rolls up, the Boobster himself is back on our screens. Who can blame him though, the guy has made a career of taking Christmas songs and making them so much cooler. But he isn’t a one trick pony, the guy is one of the king’s of modern swing with a performance quality that has earnt countless accolades throughout the years. He’s also sang some of the most well known pop tracks in the last ten years too, so to say that this guy is reliant on Christmas, is a little cheeky really. But what did I think of his brand new track anyway, well that’s what you’re here for, so let’s find out.

It was okay, just okay. It felt a bit more Meghan Trainor and a little less Dean Martin this time around; not a good musical switch. Starting with the production, the song felt just a little too kidsbop for me. The drums had no edge or groove, the brass had no tone or depth and the double bass felt over-produced to ‘heck just to fill out that low area in the stereo field. I have a feeling that the backing track was produced pretty darn quickly. The vocal track was mixed pretty well however I did feel like a lot of his individualised tone was capped off. Meh really.

The lyrics were pretty bog-standard and a little heavy on the cheese scale. I know Michael is hardly known for his philosophical phrasing and metaphorical word play, but jheeze it didn’t take long to write this did it? Also the little verse Black Thought gave towards the end of the track really added nothing of substance or value to the overall composition; felt a little too tagged on in my opinion.

The vocal performance was competent and functional with that vintage bubbles charm, but it had no real content or emotion to it. Each line was delivered with style but I think I’m about over this type of delivery by now. I can’t really say much more about the vocals really other than meh. Of before I forget, Black Thought was okay, that’s all, you weren’t expecting anything exciting were you? You’d be silly if you were…

5/10 – A resounding meh.



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