Music News: Noel speaks out!

Here on the site, we have made multiple posts about the ongoing and ever-burning feud between the notorious Gallagher brothers. Before now, all of our posts have been centred around the opinion of Liam and what Liam has said in expense of Noel and in expense of other artists currently working in the music industry. Also, if you had read these prior posts, you’d know that we’ve often taken the side of Liam as of late, as he seems to be speaking with much more clarity and concentration now; he isn’t flurrying foul-mouthed insults but rather seems to be taking a sarcastic view. But anyway, Noel has finally broke the duck and here is what he’s had to say.

Now we know Noel has been silent about the release of the ‘Supersonic’ documentary and hence all the gossip around it. So we haven’t really seen his view back on Oasis in much detail… Until now.

During a lengthy 30 minute interview, now posted on the Oasis Vevo channel, Noel admits how he wishes that the group had waited longer to follow up the 1995 classic album ‘(What’s the story) Morning Glory?’.

“I only say this now, looking back on it after 20 years…. we should never have made that record then, ’cause we came off the back of that American tour which was, again, the third tour in a row that we never completed. And I came back to the airport and the fucking world’s press was there and instead of going, ‘Right, we should just go our separate ways for a year or two,’ we decided like idiots to go straight into the studio” Noel stated in the interview; it’s the first time we’ve really had early insider information on the earlier days of Oasis from Noel during a recounting interview.

Noel then went on to say, “That maybe wasn’t the best idea, you know what I mean? ‘Cause ‘Morning Glory’ hadn’t really run its course then. It was probably still ‘Number One’ in England it was definitely still ‘Top Five’ in the States. And yet, there we were, going into the studio, effectively trying to to make another album to kill it, which was ridiculous”.

I think this interview is more important than what it may seem on the surface. The bookies recently have been slashing odds left, right and centre on the chances of an Oasis reunion. Liam has stated how he would be open to it, Paul Arthurs is still knocking around talking to Liam and the major media outlets have hinted at it too. But now you’ve even got Noel talking about it again, you’ve got him reminiscing about his time in Oasis and not in a particularly abusive manner… Hmm, we will see how this one goes.


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