Our Top 5: Music Headline Darlings This Year (2016)

Now of course we say this sarcastically. As soon as you see the artists on this list, you’ll realise what we mean by that too. The music headlines in this day and age are pretty easy to break, let’s be honest here. However, some artists in particular have a unique gift, or terrible curse, for constantly making music headlines. Why do I say curse I hear you ask? Well let’s just say the music headlines are often unforgiving… We decided to do this end of year list early, as we feel we’ve seen enough of this year to predict how the rest of the year will play out. Nonetheless we shall battle on and present to you, our top five ‘Music Headline Darlings This Year’!

5. Taylor Swift

Love her, loathe her, like her or not mind her, Taylor has been inescapable on music media throughout this year; often not for her music. Now to many, Swift has an incredibly grating personality and that has hence led to multiple feuds and, forgive the pun, ‘Bad Blood’ between her and many other acts. Whether it is peeving off Katy Perry or firing shots over to the Kanye West cam, she’s done it all this year! She is seen, and now voted, as one of the most powerful and dominant women in the music industry today. All I’ve got to say, is that my career would be kaput  in less that 5 seconds if she ever threw shade in my direction.

4. Miley Cyrus

It’s funny how Miley still makes this list in 2016 despite actually having a fairly quiet year. Although we know her as this uber flamboyant, sexual superstar who has been the centre of pop based controversy for the last 3 years, she has also shown a different side to her this year. She has hinted at a more musical based approach in the coming years and has even settled down a lot, allowing for her often irritating persona to become a backdrop to her as a person. Whether it is judging on the TV show ‘The Voice’ or taking centre stage at huge festivals, Miley has still been a media darling throughout this year, no doubt.

3. Madonna

Wait this is 2016 right? What is Madonna doing here!? Yeah that’s right, you heard me, Madonna is still breaking the headlines daily in 2016, what a shocker. But with good reason I guess… Again Madonna is another Marmite individual, if you like her, then you will highlight how much charity work she has been doing and praise her for staying so relevant years on from her debut, if you dislike her, you will see her as a pretty shoddy mother, a desperate media-grabber and a hugely outdated music act. But when all is said and done, the Billboard ‘Woman of the Year 2016’ still deserves a solid place on this list.

2. Liam (and Noel) Gallagher

Wait how can these guys be on the list too? Are we somehow warped into the 90’s! No, the fact of the matter is that these guys have been our most reported individuals on the site this year. I know it’s kind of cheating to have both on here, but meh I don’t care I’m afraid. With Liam’s new album coming out soon and two documentaries made about Oasis that have recently come out, it’s no wonder these guys have been so active in the media world. Liam is hardly known for keeping his mouth shut and he has exercised this reputation to the extreme this year. Most of the time he has just been flurrying insults at Noel, but the other times he has actually been throwing a lot of the industry under the bus. Whether it is picking on boybands or knocking the current state of the charts, you can guarantee Liam has had his say. Noel hasn’t been quiet either, firing insults back in Liam’s direction and having interviews firmly based around the Oasis topic. These guys are deserved on this list.

1. Kanye West

Now to anyone who has bought a newspaper in the last decade, you will immediately see this as no surprise. The guy is the ultimate media darling, why? Because he generates all the easy news for us. Not only is he married to Kim Kardashian (one of the most infamous celebrities on Earth), he also has a knack for getting front page headlines whenever he draws breath. Kanye released a new album this year of course and to be honest, that was by far the quietest news story we’ve heard from him all year. If you were to type in his name right now, you would see an immediate story relating to him that has happened in the last 24 hours. Whether it was his wife being robbed, Nicki Minaj slamming him for his taste in women or other musicians insulting him over his performance skills, Kanye will always be the name on peoples lips. So congratulations for topping this list and hence being talked about on a media platform even more… F***.



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