Maria-Emilia Interview (08/01/2016)


Every now and then at String Buzz we like to concentrate back on our bare-bones outlook on unsigned talent coming through at the moment. As of recent weeks we’ve had lots of segments with YouTube stars and underground-popularity stricken groups which has helped escalate our universal appeal. However this segment involves a very fresh and brand new artist who is the meaning behind that talent we talked about earlier. We have been lucky to secure the first ever interview this artist is has and by god have we got a treat for you today.

Maria-Emilia contacted me after we started digging for new bands on social media with a very polite email asking us to watch her brand new music video. It had me in stand-still awe. With an entrancing voice with an almost hypnotically good tone, she was like Lana Del Rey meets The Pixies, Paloma Faith meets Garbage; I struggled to even find the right words to praise this singer.

With a delicious guitar tone in her latest track Dumb Digits, the fusion she managed to create of melancholy and fanaticism was unbelievable. Her music is so sensual and raw; it’s such a surprise to find a female act like her in the current age. She’s going to be a big star and all she needs is that exposure which is why we are here to proudly present to you our interview with Maria-Emilia! The Q&A went as below:

Q. What would you describe your music as being? What repertoire would you class it as?

A. Its really hard for me to describe my music myself, I don’t feel like it fits into any genre! I guess I would call it grungey sadcore but that’s not a real genre… maybe I could make it one, one day?

Q. Who are your biggest influences when it comes to making music? What inspires you to make music?

A. I’d like to wish I was born into a musical family, but in reality that’s not the case. I grew up listening to completely different stuff- it was very uninspiring. Only recently (a couple of years ago) I started listening to music that made me feel something such as The Libertines, Leonard Cohen, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Howlin’ Wolf and Janis Joplin. I’m into artists that aren’t afraid to stand out from the crowd. I’m a huge fan of this band called ‘’The Garden’’. Their music showed me that there are no boundaries when it comes to writing, just write what you feel. Progression is at the centre of their philosophy and this inspires me. I think ultimately just living a creative life inspires me to make music, it helps me express myself and it just keeps me going.

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. That’s one of the hardest questions you could ask me, I really like soundtracks so either the pulp fiction soundtrack, rocky horror picture show or the dreamers soundtrack would feature but overall I’d probably say my top five would be:

1. Doolittle – Pixies

2. HAHA – The Garden

3. Grace – Jeff Buckley

4. Wolf – Tyler The Creator

5. Horses – Patti Smith

Q. So I heard your latest track Dumb Digits earlier this week and was incredibly impressed with how immersive your music is and your individuality in performing it. How did you find the whole recording process for that as well as the making of the music video?

A. Thank you, I do put a lot of personality into it! A friend of mine, another artist called A-L-X did all the production and it was such a lovely experience. For the first time in my life I had complete creative control over what I was making. I feel so restricted with just a guitar so it was quite refreshing to be able to include more instruments to complete my vision. I actually made the music video myself, I think I just wanted to get some visuals to the track as it helps it come to life.  I feel like the song is also a bit gloomy so hopefully I captured that, by putting a modern twist on the dated fashion and vintage things. The song itself is about not wanting to grow older and not wanting to be told who I should be- I wanted to portray a fragment of frozen time in the video.

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. In the near future I would just like to get more material recorded, but my main aim is to get a band together. At the moment I’m extremely limited with the types of shows I can do because its just me and a guitar. I’d like to start having more fun and dance around a bit but I cant do that with a guitar hanging around my neck and no other instruments backing me up. Once I get that together I want to start my first tour.

Q. What originally got you into making music and singing? When did the moment hit when you wanted to join the industry?

A. For me, making music is just a part of creative expression- I think it goes together with art, fashion and culture. This is ultimately what got me into making music and singing. I love David Bowie and 80s Madonna because for me, they define true creative expression and put a lot of effort into their material. One day I just woke up and decided to go for it. I wanted to be part of the industry, part of the legends and my idols that stood before me and broke boundaries with their music. I’d just like to share my music with as many people as possible- I like the idea of living on through my lyrics.

Q.What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend?

A. I know this sounds so silly but I’ve recently been into a lot of Russian folk music, the last song I listened to was ‘’Не исчезай – Галина Беседина, Сергей Тараненко’’. There’s a lot of beautiful music out there within that genre, even if you don’t understand the lyrics there’s so much depth to the music- it’s like nothing else I’ve heard before and it’s so relaxing! I’d really recommend it.

That’s the lot! I can’t honestly explain to you all how talented this artist is and how stylistic her music really is. Perhaps one of the most individual artists we’ve ever had contact us, we implore you to send some love out to her social networks and get viewing her music videos with headphones on tight, you will not be disappointed! Add her music to your playlists even, anything just to get Maria’s music rolling!

Maria Emilia’s Facebook Page:

Maria Emilia’s SoundCloud:

Maria Emilia’s YouTube Channel:

Dumb Digits (Official Music Video):


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