Tove Lo ‘True Disaster’ Song Review

Tove Lo is one of those dime a dozen singers who produces a mega smash one year and then consequently slowly declines into irrelevancy. To me her biggest hit, ended up not even being her own as the remix was far more successful and sounded far more imaginative. I find that she is quite a weak artist in the current climate and she is at a point now where she really needs to step up her game. So with that in mind, what did I think of her new track ‘True Disaster’?

It’s a bit of a snooze, not terrible, in fact far from it, but definitely not good either. I felt that she spent the whole track trying to impersonate Ellie Goulding with some melodic sequences almost being identical to some of Goulding’s prior hits. I’ll deconstruct this song piece by piece just to give you some more clarity on what I mean here.

Production wise I can’t fault it, the track was very well mixed and each section seemed to maintain a strong production quality; there was nothing of awe or real note, but it definitely was a competent piece of technical work. The backing instrumentals had some real guts to them and it gave the song a strong enough substance for the rest of the track to build upon.

However, musicality wise this track bombed big time. The vocal melodies were plain and creatively lacklustre, the progression was predictable and lacked any variation and structurally the song was as plain as they come. What this track really needed was some deviations, whether it be down a different progression for the bridge or whether it explored something different for the pre-chorus; the song felt static. Throughout the whole track the song felt like it was looping due to know dynamic changes and no new ideas being thrown in during the run-time; oh so boring. I thought the synths had interesting timbres which hence allowed for an interesting texture, but that appeal wore off after the first minute.

Lyrically the song was same-old same-old for a Tove Lo, rich with terrible sexual suggestions and full of rubbish attempts at being alternate/edgy. Each line felt more forgettable than the last with no attention to detail or any interesting phrasing being used at all. This week has been one of the worst weeks for pop track lyrics and this song carries that reputation further on to this weekends demise.

4/10 – I won’t remember this track as soon as I’ve had a shower.


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