Lee Christian ‘the answer(s)’ Song Review

Going into this track, I’ve got to say I really didn’t know much about Lee Christian. You can throw adjectives and compliments out in any direction when talking about an artist, but you don’t know whether these words fit until you really listen to what that artist has created. This outlook is even more prominent when discussing a solo act. It’s easy for a group to evolve and gain more taglines with each passing month, but for a solo act it’s much different. You have no outsider perspective, but you also have no outsider ruling; there are no boundaries.

I think that is the perfect way to describe Lee Christian on this track, a man without boundaries. Thanks to the lack of boundaries, we have been given a truly excellent track here. In fact I’d go on to say that this is one of my favourite tracks I’ve had the fortune of reviewing all year. There are so many intricacies and details to talk about, so much thought and effort than can be remarked upon; it’s just perfect reviewer material.

Let me start with the production. There are some moments of studio magic during this track. If you look at the texture/instrumentation of this track, you can clearly see that this would be hell for any studio to mix, but some how it was pulled off. In the instrumentation you have djembe’s, distorted guitars, a saxophone, a trickling of synth and ambient sound effects; it’s the most vibrant texture I’ve heard in a long time. It would take a real professional to record these instruments and then mix them to a point where the track sounds cohesive; but it was done.

The progressions are exploratory and experimental; they remind me a huge amount of early TOOL work (probably the biggest compliment I can possibly give). Whether it is the developing guitar riff that sits alongside the vocal melody, or the educated drumming rhythm that backs up the low end of the mix; the track just has this glowingly mysterious fluidity to it. The vocal harmonies are outstanding too, with layer upon layer of intelligent polyphonic melody work being combined to create this huge vocal sound. The choruses in this track sound massive!

Lyrically the song is very much avante-garde and interesting to decipher. There aren’t any cliche phrases or cheesy one liners; the whole song is an intellectual and metaphorical sequence of messages cutting through a backdrop of educated instrumentation, that always equals an interesting listen.

The vocal performance was strong too, with a great hook bolstering the chorus each time it came around. The harmonies, like I’ve already mentioned, are gorgeously crafted allowing for this track to further build it’s presence from section to section. The tone of the voice is very much individualised too, not slipping into an American approach but rather keeping that British edge; something you can only spot in professional or experienced vocalists. There were a couple lines that hit off the mark here and there that could of been re-recorded, but you would of only noticed these if you were directly looking for flaws.

Overall I loved this track. It’s rare to listen to one track by an artist and immediately get excited for their next release, but that’s exactly how I’m feeling right now.


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