Nick Jonas ‘Voodoo’ Song Review

From the first 4 bars I could tell that I was going to be a little ‘iffy on this track. I just didn’t like the backing instrumentation at all; that includes the textures, the rhythm and the progression. When that happens it causes me to fall into a mindset which is difficult to get rid of during the space of one single track. But you know what, I’m not going to hide it, this track is a bit of a bummer. I actually quite like a lot of Nick Jonas’ material, especially over the last year or so since he started blooming into this new pop-superstar. But this track didn’t hit with me at all.

The track is over produced to heck; it was noticeably over-tampered. Every section sounded more sonic and robotic than the last. The instrumentals sounded weak and tasteless, the vocals unnatural and electronic; when you add the textures together, the whole track just becomes way too clean. The over polishing meant there were no tones or timbres that stuck out in any interesting way; it came across as entirely monotone and predictable.

When you pair this with the bland structure and the lack of dynamic variation, you have track that just fills 3 minutes with a cloudy noise. On the subject of structure, pop songs are becoming increasingly lazy in their approach. I know of the regular form they use and have used for years now, but that doesn’t mean you can use one progression for a whole song. Adding more instruments playing the same verse sequences but now in your chorus over the top of your existing accompaniment does not change enough to garner a noticeable transition. It feels more like an extended verse. When that happens I suddenly stop recognising the hook because it just feels like another verse melodic line. Add a pre-chorus or an interesting bridge, do something different and something that will be a highlight of your track rather than sitting back on one repeating rhythm.

Of course the time signatures were kept in common time because God forbid someone uses their head to write a different rhythm than ‘1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4’.

The vocal performance was okay, just okay. It was functional and competent but all the natural tone was taken out of Nick’s voice in the studio. Also he needs to stop wailing insignificant words out because it just sounds way too over-dramatic; don’t do a Chris Brown. When you’re hurling out these big notes mid-verse and these falsetto’s in strange areas, you push the point of focus away from your hook.

The lyrics weren’t imaginative and were a complete and utter cliche fest; everything we’ve already heard before just sang to a different melody. I have no more to say here.

3.5/10 – It just wasn’t good, and that’s probably the best way to describe this track.


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