Future ft. Fabolous ‘Check On Me’ Song Review

We’ve done it boy’s, we are here and it has been done! I’m so proud, honestly so proud, I just didn’t expect that something like this would come along in the first few weeks of the site… Is it because it’s my birthday this week? Is it? Oh someone’s setting me up I know it! Without further adieu, I’d like to thank Future and Fabolous for this most special of gifts, because you’ve just given me the worst song of the year! This makes my life so much easier when it comes to December and we start list making, now I barely even have to think about the number one spot! This bad boy of a track is so unbelievably bad, so unbelievably incompetent, so underwhelming, that I am actually stuck for words. But I’m not even mad like I was with the recent Bon Iver tracks, here I just find it funny. How is Future like a thing? Like how did he get to this point? What did we do, to allow him to get to his position? Actually, what did we do wrong for him to get to his position?

This track is fundamentally broken in all the basic ways. The instrumentals are poorly executed and are stupidly weak, the vocals are undecipherable with some of the worst autotune I’ve heard since ‘7k Tha God’ arrived on the scene, the lyrics are so pointless and cringe-worthy; everything on this track fails on an epic scale.

The production here blows. The bass line swamps the lower end of the mix creating no room for the synths to flesh themselves out. The synths hence bombard the songs higher end with treble and fuzz; if you listen to the track on big speakers the synths actually become somewhat distorted because of this. The vocals, like I already said, have taken over-producing to a whole new level. It’s just warbly, watery rubbish, you can’t make out a single word (nor would you probably want to) and it just makes the whole performance laughable.

The vocal performances are dreadful all round. The flow is on the beat/rhythmic with no variation making it mindbogglingly simple. The feature was pointless, as it always is on a trap song, which just made me roll my eyes even further. All I could hear throughout the track was, “assdnfksahfaskhs Maserati, kajsnsnhdjjakaj Mercedes, Maybach asjhhgasda”, which come to think of it, is in every Future track…? I’m sure even the lads that cracked the enigma code would struggle deciphering this jarbled mess.

As you know usually I’d break down the lyrics here, but do you really want to see that, like really?

There isn’t much else to talk about here, of course there wasn’t any musicality of show, of course there weren’t any stand out moments, I don’t know what more you want to here. The track is broken and bad on every single possible level; every single aspect is dysfunctional and just plain wrong.

0/10 – Not a redeemable factor anywhere, I have no other choice.


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