Martin Garrix ft. The Federal Empire ‘Hold On & Believe’ Song Review

Now I’m all for the big house club banger, in fact I’ve studied them for years and years. The mystical tracks only seem to appear when you’re intoxicated, why? Well that’s because they only sound good when you’re too drunk to recognise your elbow from your knee. Now there are exceptions to this rule, there are the prestigious club bangers that somehow get you moving when you’re way below the legal limit. These tracks often chart and play on radio stations for months and months on repeat. So what tracks would I throw in that pile? Well anything by Chris Gresswell, anything by Philip George, ‘heck I’d even throw The Prodigy in that category. But what about Martin Garrix? I’ve always been indecent towards the guy, I’ve always felt his beats and music were all blatant rip-offs of better songs. However, once in a while he will make a track like ‘Animals’ and it will sky rocket for good reason. So what I’m trying to say here, is which side did this track fall on? Well you’re about to find out…

Ah I forgot to mention the boring side! Yeah this lands here… This track has no life, no enthusiasm, no passion; it’s boring. Everything from the weak instrumentals to the strange feature just came across as ‘phoning’ it in. After hearing this track, I see no commercial prowess or real success coming in the future for it, it just doesn’t possess enough life.

Production wise the song is fairly solid. The vocals sound well produced and the textures don’t sound too weighted on the low end, but then this is all midi input so there is no excuse for a bad mix. The bass however did swamp the choruses (like any other house song) but not in a good way, it didn’t sounded hearty or wholesome but rather thin and percussive; not my cup of tea.

The reoccurring progressions here were all weak. The little synth melodies have no catchiness or ring to them; heck they don’t even have a very interesting timbre. When you pair that with the lacklustre vocal performance, you really just get an underwhelming track. The vocal tone of the feature just seemed as plain as plain can be, sounding like any other bog standard male singer.

This is going to be a shorter review than normal because there really isn’t much to talk about here; the track was just bland. When you have the same sequence repeating over and over, just sometimes with a heavier bass drop, you get bored. With that little variation or imagination in a track, it really leaves reviewers like me stuck for words to point out anything because we mention one thing and that thing happens throughout the track.

3.5/10 – Boring house instrumental, boring feature, predictable drops, nothing much to listen to here.


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