Nathan Sykes ‘Famous’ Song Review

To say this track is a little weak, would be an understatement. Now does that mean Nathan’s voice is weak? No, not at all, but the songwriting here is a little on the skimpy side. There really isn’t much to this track, it’s all pretty basic and predictable, but I do admire how he’s trying to do something different. Sure it wasn’t executed well, but the song is not like your usual pop track. It has a really swing/50s ballad vibe to it. Let me deconstruct the track some more before I give you my summary.

The production is a touch iffy. The guitar has a decent enough tone to it, but it does suffer from a slobbering of chorus effect/wah effect (it was so heavily swamped that I struggled to work out which effect it was). The bass too cut through the mix more than it should of; it felt like it was slap bang in the middle of the stereo field, where it really shouldn’t of been. The drums are thin and weak too, with the hi-hats sounding almost entirely unmixed. Now I guess this would only all be noticeable if you’re looking for it, but to any musician these things jump out.

Musicality wise the song was by numbers. Typical pop structure, common time rhythm, singular key and simple progressions. The harmonies sound a little out of place on this track too since they come across way too gospel like; didn’t suit the accompaniment at all. Now Nathan pulls off some impressive notes in here and allows for his unique tone to really be showed off, but again it felt like he was overdoing it at times; perhaps a little too self indulgent. I would of liked to of seen a guitar solo or a decent bridge on this track just to cut it up a little but unfortunately we are cursed to hearing the same progression over and over. The dynamics don’t really change throughout the track either which means that the snails pace it plays at becomes increasingly tiresome past the 2:30 mark.

Lyrically the song was your usual cheesy pop stuff, nothing to really behold or comment on. The chorus and theme to this track felt a little egotistical for me, it did feel like pedestal type behaviour. Don’t get me wrong, I can see he is trying to be sincere here, but you don’t need to keep rubbing it in, especially when you’re a budge Charlie Puth (that made me ill even saying it).

All in all the track is bland, predictable but not terrible, so I’m pretty indecent. Just another pop track to add to the list of ‘October flops’.

4/10 – The corniness is harrowing.


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