Youth Salute ‘Dig Up The Dead’ Song Review

With an upcoming album around the corner, it’s fair to say that the team here at String Buzz are pumped to hear what Youth Salute do next. ‘Shudder’, their last single, topped our track of the week chart last Saturday and for good reason… The song is fantastically powerful. However, with a reputation of quality, comes expectations of quality. These guys have hit home runs on every track I’ve heard so far; they are killing it right now! But, that has caused me to hype up each new track more and more, that means they have to continue upping their game to impress. So the question here is, did they do it?

Yes, f*** yeah did they do it. This track kicked a** from the start. The unrelenting drive within the track left me buzzing for hours afterwards; it’s a thrill ride to say the least! From the frenetic strumming at the start of the track, to the calculated build-up during the bridge, the song never ceases to keep you entertained for every single second of it’s run time. Did I think it was as good as ‘Shudder’? In some ways yes, and in others no, but that’s the whole point of a second single. The second track should always focus on the weaknesses of the first, showing a different perspective and a wider showcase of what they can do. This song is much less serious in my opinion than ‘Shudder’ and to me that’s a good thing. It keeps them fresh and evolving rather than stagnant and over-reliant.

The musicality here again was on point. However, I really have to highlight the drumming in particular; what a great showing! I praised the guitar and vocals a lot in the last track, but here the drumming is at the forefront with exciting pop-punk-esque beats and thumping fills. The structure of the track felt exciting to me too, as it never over-used a specific section; it had each part working for just the right amount of time. Of course the guitar and vocal work was solid on this track again, working very much in unison as the homophonic melodies of the vocal phrasing and guitar decoration intertwined to create this massive sound.

Lyrically the song is yet again very strong. It isn’t breaking boundaries sure, but it isn’t cliche or cheesy either. It felt so refreshing coming to review this track after listening to some God awful pop tracks this week; you really notice the difference when you’re citing lyrical content. The lyrics were well performed too, with interesting vocal melodies blaring out the clearly significant wording.

Production wise the track is solid too. The guitar in particular had a really sweet tone to it, adding some extra edge on the mix. The drums are also remarkably well mixed, never sounding over-produced like a lot of the current rock tracks being released this October. The rough and ready style of mixing on both tracks really suits the group well; I hope they don’t change producer in the future because this guy has them down to a T.However, my one flaw is that the vocals every now and then sounded a little swamped on big speakers, it wasn’t that noticeable but on occasion it was difficult to hear what the vocalist was singing. The slightly distorted bass tone also sounded sweet too, thought I’d pop that in there before I forget!

So all in all, another incredibly solid effort from the lads. They are currently up there with the likes of Fish Tank and BREATHE for being an independent group that haven’t let me down with a single track yet.

G Rating: 8/10 – Another great alt-rock track!

I Rating: 8.5/10 – The independent scene has been trumping the signed stuff this week!


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