Funeral For Bird ‘Shame’ Song Review

So the latest single from Funeral For Bird dropped a couple days back and we have only just got around to talking about it! If you haven’t already read our last review and interview with Joe (why not they’re stellar pieces of content) then you won’t know of the admiration we have for his music. His laid back, dream-pop approach to making these huge ambient scores and acoustic sequences are second to none in the independent game right now. His last album ‘Through The Dark’ knocked us all out on first listen; it has to be one of the best independent records of the year, no doubt! But with that sort of reputation, that causes expectations to rise. When expectations rise and you hype up a project further and further, you get to a point where you want every new track to be an absolute smash. So with that weighing on the mind, what did we think of this brand new single?

Well, we loved it. To me this track utilises what was so great about the last album and condenses it into one four minute long track. There are vibrant textures, interesting progressions, thought provoking lyrical sequences, alluring timbres and so much more. Every aspect seems intelligently executed and the stylistic of qualities of Joe as an artist are showcased proudly.

The production on this track is more of the same really when paired with the recent album. Slightly rough and rustic instrumentals, well produced synthesizers, a vocal tone left untampered and all in all the perfect mixing job. With the rise of studio quality hitting new heights this year, it has often taken all the life and raw emotion out of acoustic tracks, this sort of a approach which Joe has used should be the new go-to. It’s natural, it’s raw, it has an incredibly personal feeling; it’s like one-to-one performance in your headphones.

The musicality of the track was of course fantastic. The finger-picked guitar, although sometimes a little fuzzy,  came across very well with the irregular, mysterious chordal development really becoming prominent in the mix. When you pair this with these huge ambient/worldly sounds, a sweet running bass line and (later) a simplistic, yet big drum beat; you’ve got a recipe for a track that has all it’s fundamentals sorted. The song’s structure is also interesting too, with no real hook being used but rather a narrative. This narrative makes the song feel more sincere and personal, it converts the track from a tune to an experience (and being an ambient producer myself, of course I loved that).

The lyrical content of the song hits really hard in some dark places. This track really has this shadowy vibe to it, it’s great fun to decipher. It’s obviously written from a secluded angle; the perspective of perhaps himself or someone he knows going through a troublesome time, it’s certainly interesting to listen to this decline. There is some powerful stuff when you get down to the gritty side of the lyrics.

So all in all, a fantastic track! This song will definitely be in the running for independent track/track of the week this week and deservedly so, can’t wait for the new album!

G Rating: 8/10 – Beautifully constructed, tells an incredibly harrowing story.

I Rating: 8.5/10 – It’s so difficult to find any flaws in the track; it’s another must-listen.


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