Future Theory ‘Fool’s Dream’ EP Review

The quality of independent music this week has really put the signed stuff to shame. With Funeral For Bird, Youth Salute and Lee Christian releasing some fantastic tunes this week, it’s fair to say we’ve been spoilt for choice for track of the week. But just when we think we are narrowing down the choices, suddenly we get an EP submitted which throws everything up in the air.

‘Fool’s Dream’ by Future Theory is a brilliant, well-rounded EP. It oozes a stylistic quality that screams professionalism from section to section. I haven’t heard an EP packed with this much individuality and intelligence in a long, long time. Their balance and grasp of their unique sound really sticks out to me; they have buckets and buckets of direction. Although eclectic and experimental, their sound still manages to stay precise and cohesive; they never become self-indulgent and they hold sections for the perfect amount of time.

The progressions on this record are a musicians dream. It’s like their guitarist is a love child of David Gilmour and Pearl Thompson; the influences are so prominent in their sound. From the opening track we are immediately blasted with ambient sounds and this frenetic strumming. However, where ‘Eye of the Storm’ really shines, is in the great bass line. It’s fun, it’s exciting and it keeps you tapping your foot away. Also the decorative transitional work on all the tracks in this EP are executed so brilliantly; the fills are thunderous, the guitar subtle and the vocals almost daunting.

On the subject of vocals, the phrasing and melodic lines used throughout each track are fantastic. ‘Horses’ in particular has a great vocal performance full of character and personality. When you pair that up with great lyrical content that is raw and passionate, you get an all round outlandishly good set of vocal renditions. The tone is left untampered too by post-production meaning that his voice sounds incredibly natural; props to the producer there.

Moving on to production, the whole EP is first rate, especially for an independent group. Being an ambient producer and songwriter myself, I know how critical it is to make the mix mesh properly. The guitars and vocals are always the hardest to combine to these huge and atmospheric synthesizers, but on this EP the production feels effortless. Everything from the wholesome bass tone to the vibrant synth textures just sound so organic; the songwriting is boosted because of this.

Musicality wise, like I’ve already touched upon, the tracks are darn decent too. The structure often varies with sections of huge development and other sections of climactic explosion working hand in hand to create this almost ‘proggy’ vibe. The timbres never become conflicting but rather bolster each other, allowing for each instrument to become pronounced and weighty.

Heck I even enjoyed listening to the little drum and bass remix at the end of the track. Usually that stuff isn’t my thing but I think it added a different dimension to the largely serious EP.

So overall this EP is another must-listen. There are so many aspects and perspectives working in unison here that with each re-listen you find something new. I hold myself in baited breath to see where these guy’s go next, the world is their oyster when they have a sound as good as this; their potential unlimited.

Favourite Tracks: Horses & Fool’s Dream

G Rating: 7.5/10 – This album puts so many indie rock superstars to shame; it swamps the quality of anything rock based in the mainstream.

I Rating: 8.25/10 – I literally can’t wait to hear what they do next, one heck of a powerful EP.


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