Green Day ‘Say Goodbye’ Song Review

It’s fair to say that Green Day really aren’t impressing me much recently. Each one of their new tracks has been underwhelming in at least three different areas. Usually those areas are based around lyrics, production and direction. Going into this track I was wishing hand on heart that it would be great; why are all these groups making it so hard for me to like pop punk anymore! So with these bitter-sweet expectations in mind, what did I think of ‘Say Goodbye’?

Well it’s just a s*** ‘Holiday’ isn’t it? I can’t believe that Green Day have lost so much imagination, that they are reusing old songs with a new vocal melody, because this is note for note identical to ‘Holiday’. This song blows in so many ways. It’s weak, possesses no life or power and it just comes across as a really lame attempt at staying relevant. From start to finish, there was nothing that I enjoyed about this track, nothing at all, it sucked! So let me at least try to deconstruct this garbage so you can see why I think it is so bad…

The production is terrible; every single aspect of it is bad. The guitars sound thin and way too clean, the vocals sound almost autotuned from the amount of post-production and the bass/drums don’t have any power or gusto to them. It all just sounds so thrown together and slobbered with ill-fitting EQ’s. The producer here has tried to take a rock group, and make it sound like a pop group; there is nothing punk about this track. Rob Cavallo, the producer in question, has worked with Green Day on all of their albums since Dookie, so what was he thinking this time around? Every tracks sounds dreadful and as if it’s pandering to the wrong audience. It’s punk tunes made for pop fans; they couldn’t be more conflicting if they tried.

Musicality wise the song is by far the worst on the album. Like I said, it’s a complete carbon copy of ‘Holiday’, especially in the chorus. Some laid-back strumming of a couple power chords and some lacklustre drumming. Punk drumming is meant to be frenetic and unstable; unpredictable. Instead, we have this common time beat that is just trundling along with no pace or power. I’d talk more about the bass line, but honestly it didn’t even matter to the track because it just followed what the lame guitar was playing. Shockingly bad. The structure also lacked any detail or care as it just went from section section without much variation at all. I mean they tried to change the rhythmic feel and timbres during the verses, but it just felt like filler in-between bland choruses.

Lyrically the song is of course, rubbish! Not as bad as ‘Youngblood’ (but then that would be an achievement to beat let’s be honest) but still some of the worst lyrics of the year. I know the song is trying to be metaphorical about police brutality and the current state of violence around the world, but the lines are so cheesy with no thought. For such a sore case study, you should use lines that are almost poetic and impactful, not just ‘say goodbye’ to him ‘say goodbye’ to her and act as if everyone is dead everywhere. Like jheeze we get it you don’t have to say it 30 odd blimming times.

Overall, the track sucks and Green Day should feel bad… Yeah I said it.



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