As It Is ‘Pretty Little Distance’ Song Review

I’m so conflicted about this song, well actually conflicted about As It Is as a group. When I first heard their track ‘Dial Tones’ I thought ‘my God what has happened to pop punk’ and panned the group for it. But with Good Charlotte, Sum 41 and Green Day releasing new albums with tracks which make ‘Dial Tones’ look like ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, I quickly withdrew my words…

So what do I know about As It Is? Well nothing really… I think they’re YouTuber’s but I could be wrong? Yeah, that’s the extent of my knowledge when it comes to this group. So going into this track having only heard ‘Dial Tones’ (which still to this day I can’t stand), it’s a pretty safe bet to say that my expectations were incredibly low. Maybe at least the track will be fun…

Now this song isn’t good, it’s not, but it’s not nearly as bad as it’s competition. Although it pains me to say it, this is far better than ‘Say Goodbye’ and ‘Youngblood’ by Green Day. Why? Well because it felt somewhat real. These guys aren’t trying to be edgy and they aren’t pandering to a youth gone by, they are just having fun through music. Does that mean I like this song? Woah, don’t go that far I still dislike the track. Let me tell you why…

The musicality of the track is non-existent. I mean sure, it’s a pop punk track, but that doesn’t mean that the basic music fundamentals have to be this dire. The three power chord guitar progression gets old after the first 30 seconds, let alone the entire track. Just because you strum the same progression faster doesn’t make that a different section; I wish groups would explore new avenues or new sequences from section to section more often, this fad of just making the verse ‘louder’ or ‘thicker’ in the chorus is beginning to deflate me now. I did however like the little clean guitar harmonies on top, good job there (they sounded pretty good in decent headphones). The guitar solo on the other hand, was dreadful. No vibrato on the notes and no bending caused the notes to sound a little flat. The complete lack of technicality or wonder in the solo, basically made it feel like a guitar harmony rather than anything significant. Just to finish this long winded section, the bass just strums so nothing exciting there, and the drums play this Disney style, simple common time beat; yeah it’s not good.

Lyrically the song keeps up that Disney style, with some of the cheesiest lyrics I’ve heard in a little while. ‘I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to stay, why look twice at a beautiful existence’, is the second half of the chorus and bleugh could you get any cornier? Well yes, ‘Say Goodbye’ proves that actually. What I’m trying to say here, is that the lyrics are awful, but not nearly as bad as what we’ve been given this week by other groups, so I can’t even be mad!

The vocal performance was functional at best, but this guy has to sort out his tone. It sounds like he’s purposely trying to sing like a baby and it makes some notes unbearably whiny. The chorus in particular has this hook which makes him sound nasally as heck, but hey ho whoever wrote the vocal melody is to blame for that one… Unless it was the singer who did… Then shame, shame on you.

So other than all this, I haven’t really got much to add. Sure the song is far from decent, but it’s just not as bad as so many others at the moment. I prefer to use the term forgettable when talking about this track rather than bad, because bad has taken a new meaning this month. Would you hate me if I said pop punk is dead? Because it is.

4/10 – Just below average, but just above average for your typical pop punk track.


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