Eminem ‘Campaign Speech’ Song Review

Well who expected this to come out of the wood-works so randomly? A new Eminem track, with no hype and no build-up? Surely not… But it’s here any way and you’re reading this to find out what I think, so let me deconstruct it for you.

Personally I thought this track was incredibly ambitious and fresh. It showed a rapper trying to do something different with the music art-form. It’s exciting when that happens, it’s mysterious when that happens and it’s often controversial when that happens. This track is all of those adjectives combined. Now I choose not to get political on this site, especially during such a critical time, but I still have to give props to Eminem for creating a track like this. Being British, the whole American election thing has had it’s weight overseas too, it’s always quite interesting understanding how people feel inside that country as the whole world watches and prods. With tonnes of music being produced now with lame attempts at hamstringing political candidates or denouncing a political stance, it felt quite refreshing to hear his perspective, a perspective that felt very raw. There was no arse covering here, everything Eminem said seemed real, whether it be unpopular or popular. Even the insulting terms like ‘faggot’ which he’s used before to the disdain of many, seemed to take on a new meaning here; he put consequence to one side to portray his inner thoughts, that takes balls. Now not everything he said in this track I agree with (I’m not talking politically, more based around some of the scripture and terminology he used against different targets) but then I don’t want him to be a yes-man, I want him to be a rapper with an opinion. He did that here.

The track felt like one long freestyle, or better yet, a showcase of his poetry and vocabulary skills. The guys strings together rapid rhymes for nearly 8 minutes, that’s impressive. What makes it more impressive, is that each line had substance to it too. There is no filler; the rap kept cohesive and focused. Although he flows from one topic to another, each transition felt valid and understandable; despite his wordsmithing and speed, I followed the entire time. He clearly did this to prove a point, that he still is one of the greatest rappers working today. If you disagree, you’re deluded, you don’t even need to like the guy or his music to know that his ability in music is unbelievable. Not many rappers would put together an 8 minute showcase, with no build up or media attention, and just put it out there just to prove that they could still quite easily destroy anyone they targeted.  The guy has gusto.

The instrumentals in this track are a little odd as they vary from soundtrack-esque, to electronic. The whole time the instrumentals are kept minimal as reoccurring background noise on certain sections, but every now then I could just about make out some really interesting progressions; that excites me for any material he’s planning on releasing next. The instrumentals aren’t produced very well however sounding a little unnecessary at times due to very minimal mastering, but then the vocal performance isn’t that well produced either (I have a feeling that was purposely done).

Now I could go on for page after page dissecting the lyrics, but I feel that would be better for you to do as the outlook depends on the person reading/listening to it. This track is memorable, different and exciting, more please.

7.5/10 – It’s a real experience, I recommend giving this one multiple listens.


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