Maggie Rogers ‘Alaska’ Song Review

Wow, I did not expect that. Going into this track, I had never heard of Maggie Rogers, ‘heck I still don’t know anything about the artist, but after hearing this track I’m sure as hell gonna remember her.

This track blew me away. From start to finish I found myself gripped by it’s alluring atmosphere. Everything from the production to the vocal melodies just seemed so creative and exciting. It’s the first track I’ve hear in a while where I actually felt deflated because it had ended; judging by my last few pop track reviews, you can tell that that is an accomplishment all in itself.

Starting with the production, this track just felt so vibrant and sensual. From the slight redux put on the vocals to the unusually mixed beat; it had me simply captivated. The instrumentals, though sounding a little processed at times, just filled my headphones with this dreamy sound, one which transported me away to a whole new place. Props to the producer for bringing all these textures together so masterfully.

Moving onto the musicality, I felt this track had a real Jack Garratt/Solange-esque vibe to it. Judging on the comment section of the music video, it seems like many people agree with me. Although I think this track is more vocal focused than one of Solange’s tracks, I do feel that this is one of the best pop tracks of the year. It’s so well balanced and graceful; an incredibly intelligent track. The instrumentation is left pretty minimal, just a bit of sub bass here, some synth over there and some claps there. But that adds to the piece in my opinion, it creates this natural atmosphere that is quite moving in all honesty. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous too with the chorus really standing out as both catchy and memorable.

The vocal performance is tremendously good, one of the best vocal performances of the month no doubt. She balances both this aggressive and quirky tone during the verses, just to then switch it up to this angelic falsetto in the chorus. It almost feels like two completely different singers singing. The juxtaposition of these sections allows for a song that keeps surprising you, even if you’re hearing the same hook over and over. Maggie Rogers is one to watch; it wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of people are knocking on her door to collaborate with her. It’s no wonder Pharrell looked so stunned listening to this track in the studio.

The lyrics here are just pure poetry, they left me completely blown away. I know imagery in tracks can get a little pretentious and lack direction quite often, but here we see it executed perfectly.

I literally have no more words to say about this track, just brilliant. Quite simply brilliant.

9/10 – This track will top list season, you just wait.


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