The Bloom Interview (06/01/2016)

At the tail end of last year we contacted The Bloom for a segment on the site and being the lovely lad he is, he accepted despite us still not having much content on the site at the time. However after a bad bicycle accident, the segment was belated somewhat but we are glad to announce that he is on the mend and that we should all wish him a speedy recovery back to full fitness.

We are very special to have such an act as The Bloom on the site since he embodies such musical individuality and personifies why as an artist it is so important to develop your own style. Like a fusion of Alt J and Tokyo Police Club, The Bloom creates very sincere and raw music with a fantastic tone of voice that is instantly recognizable. The vocal melodies are more than hummable and the rhythms are all toe-tappingly good. He’s great at conveying emotion and telling a story throughout his music too leaving you fulfilled with different feelings by the end of each track; that’s a very difficult feat to master. So with great joy we can now present to you our segment with Bloom! The question and answer section went as below:

Q. What would you say is your favourite style of music to create, how would you describe it to a new audience?

A. Hi music season! I generally don’t go into writing a song with any particular style in mind I just usually pick up a guitar and see where it takes me. The style that seems to end come through the most would be the indie rock sort of stuff though. I dig it because I know if I pull it off well the end result will be making people dance and that’s really my main driving force at the moment when it comes to writing new material.

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you add some aspects from their style into your own creations?

A. My main influences are other musicians and artists I admire. The Beatles,  Red Hot Chili Peppers, Band Of Horses, Tame Impala, James Blake… that sort of stuff. I focus on trying to write songs at their level and see how I go. I gauge a lot of my work with the thinking of if I would be embarrassed to show one of my idols a song I’ve just written or not. It’s a kind of weird quality control.I take aspects of bands i like and incorporate them into my music for sure! I’m not super interested in guitar leads that just show off how hard and fast someone can play. I really like the style that John Fruschiante (Red Hot Chili Peppers) plays where a lot of the time it’s a whole new melody line that repeats itself while adding a little more each time. Those sort of things influence me when I’m trying to write one myself.


Q. What album would you crown your favourite of all time and why?

A. The White Album by The Beatles would have to be it for me. As a musician I can sometimes see what other musicians have done when I’m listening to it but when it comes to the Beatles I just have no idea. It sounds kinda easy but then if you sit down and try to play a song you realise just how much goes into each song. The production is ridiculous and the song craft is just genius. There’s so much happening and heaps of their songs only go for like 2:30 or something stupid like that. It’s almost punk! I think that’s the reason they are still so popular today.

Q. So why ‘The Bloom’? Where did that name bounce from and what’s its meaning to you?

A. I know I should make up a story of it being a bunch of ideas that bloom into a song or something like that but the real story is trying to order a beer in San Diego while fairly inebriated and when the bartender asked me what I wanted I said “the bloom” instead of “the blue moon” and in my state decided that it was as good a name as any for a band!

Q. So you released the video ‘How It Starts’ earlier this year and it went down a storm here with directors and I. Can we expect more music videos or perhaps an EP in the future?

A. Thanks, i’m glad you liked it! There is two videos being worked on at the moment that will be coming out hopefully in the first half of 2016. I haven’t decided to do an EP yet or just release a full album. Either way new music is coming this year.


Q. What is your favourite part of the studio recording process?

A. The best part for me was having an idea in my head and turning it into something tangible. When I’m sitting at home writing the songs I start thinking of all the other parts and how they might connect and sound and when you get in the studio and it all comes together it’s a pretty magical feeling.

Q. What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend it?

A. ‘The less I know the better’ by Tame Impala. We’re both from the same town in Western Australia and I was just there for christmas. Kevin Parker put on a night at a little venue a few doors down from my brother’s house and was dj’ing at the end. He was mixing some great stuff then dropped that song and and I just went off! I’ve been waking up with the bass line in my head every morning. I’m actually starting to get over it now as I can’t get it out of my head! The film clip is out of control too. Highly worth a watch.

And that’s all folks! It was great working with this guy throughout the process and I’m sure you can tell by the answers that he’s one of the most humble and sweet blokes you will ever get the chance to talk to. Shout out to Nick Pumphrey’s sweet photography here too, this dude really knows how to take a mean shot of an artist. With an awesome sound and an even more awesome personality it has been our pleasure to give this segment to you guys! So go out there and send this guy some love on social media whilst also adding his music to your playlists!

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