Future Theory Interview (21/10/2016)

Just to think, only two days ago I was reviewing Future Theory’s new EP, now we’ve landed an interview!

If you haven’t read it already, we recently reviewed Future Theory’s new EP and fell in love with the project. Their creative instrumentals, bold progressions and pure individuality stood out to us; each track came across as incredibly professional and intelligent. So we really implore you to check out that EP and our review whilst you’re at it!

So without waffling any further, here is our interview with Future Theory!

Q. How did you all originally meet?

A. I (Chris) began Future Theory as a small solo project recording demos in my bedroom. I was at music college with Jake and Rohan at the time and I knew I wanted those guys to be in a band with me. They were technically and creatively some of the best musicians at our college. Despite fact the music I was writing wasn’t initially their sort of thing they very quickly began to share my vision. We were a three piece for a short time with me singing as well as playing guitar, however a powerful vocal was the missing piece of the puzzle so Rohan asked his friend Max to join and the band really got going from there.

Q. Where did you guys get the name ‘Future Theory’ from?

A. I was really into futuristic/conceptual stuff at the time, I originally thought it would be a good EP title but it eventually stuck as a name because it felt right and I couldn’t think of anything else…

Q. Who would you say your biggest influences as a group are and how are they shown through your music?

A. As a guitarist, my biggest influence is without a doubt Nick Mcabe from The Verve (especially the shoegaze era psychedelic stuff) but I also take inspiration from Johnny Marr, The Edge, David Gilmour, Johnny Buckland, Ed O’Brian and Anton Newcombe from The Brian Jonestown Massacre.
We’re a real melting pot of influences, Max is big into his alternative rock stuff like Queens Of The Stone Age, Audioslave, Incubus, Radiohead and Soundgarden. Where as Jake is huge into 70’s prog and funk. Rohan listens to pretty much everything. The guys are also massive into electronic music hence why we opted to include a remix on the record.

Q. So tell us a little more about the EP, how did you find the songwriting process for this record?

A. It came together really easily, some songs grew out of extended jams, others were already completely written and just needed bringing to life in a rehearsal setting.

Q. Did you encounter any hurdles when producing this record?

A. Getting the perfect take is always hard work. Drum tracking takes hours upon hours to get right, getting the perfect guitar tone can often be difficult. It’s easy to become OCD about these things.

Q. Do any of you have a favourite track or favourite track to play live or are you impartial?

 A. The stuff we’re writing at the moment is getting moodier and moodier but also very ambient, so definitely our newer material.

Q. Do you have any big plans in the near future after this EP’s release?

A. We’re gonna begin planning a music video for fool’s dream very soon and then begin work on a new EP.

Q. What song did you listen to last and would you recommend it?

A. “Fool’s Dream’ by Future Theory, would totally recommend it!

So there we have it! It was a pleasure working with the lads to put this segment together and we can’t emphasise enough how professional they came across the entire time. I see huge things in the future happening for this group and I wish them all the best luck in doing so!

Make sure to check out their new EP!

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