Little Mix ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ Song Review

Bleugh. Yeah that’s my reaction to this track; what a gross track it is too. Fun fact, Leigh-Anne from Little Mix actually used to go to my school, that’s cool right? She was gone before I joined but I guess that still counts. But back onto subject here, this song blows big time. It’s a whiny, corny, cheesy, lazy, embarrassing mess. Now I’ve never been a fan of tracks aimed at ex-partners as they are always way too predictable, but when one actually infuriates you, then that takes something special. This track infuriated me alright; it rubbed me up the wrong ten times over. Not only do the instrumentals bounce from pop cliche section to pop cliche section, they genuinely possess no life to them. Not only do the vocals jump from one weak melody to the next weak melody, they genuinely possess no life to them. Not only do— you get the point. Let me deconstruct this track for you and detail the parts which I think make this song blow so much.

The production is woeful from start to finish. Everything sounds so over-produced and saturated that it felt like I was listening to a series of electronic robot howls rather than instruments or vocalists. It just all sounded so unnatural and processed; all the life and substance was pulled out from the track. The vocals however, are the worst. Singularly, all the singers in Little Mix are relatively weak (don’t give me crap about Perrie acting like she’s so great because she was the worst performer on this track) so their solo parts were really shown up in this track. No amount of post production or auto tune could save the solo sections from being weak and gutless.

The instrumentals are so bad, so so so bad. They lack any depth, any interesting textures and the progressions are so predictable that you’d only have to listen to the first 30 seconds of the track to know what’s going to happen for the rest of the track (don’t bother listening after the first 30 seconds because that segment repeats over and over). What makes me laugh the most though, is how they tried to incorporate so many pop cliches into one run time. The verses are your average chart pop beat and sequence, the choruses are your average indie pop beat and sequence, the bridge is your average ballad pop sequence; the whole track is just a rip off of other bad songs. It’s dreadful; thinning the instrumentation out, yet still playing the same progression with the same vocals doesn’t count as a bridge it’s just a continuation of the chorus you goons.

Talking of vocals, the vocal performances here were really bad. Overall, each singer just looked like they suffered throughout their allocated spot. I’ve always had the philosophy that it takes a great singer to be able to sing well among other great singers and that’s what makes a good vocal group (look at The Temptations or The Four Tops or even Take That), not that you have a collection of poor/weak singers that have the possibility of sounding better together. This philosophy is proven when you hear the solo parts of each singer; it should sound competitive and passionate, not ‘phoned’ in and lazy. Also, if you’re going to have a vocal group, then throw in some bloody vocal harmonies! There are none in this whole track making the group completely pointless; you might as well just get a collective of better singers to sing solo featurettes.

Lyrically the song is one of the worst of the month. I know it’s meant to be centred around getting back at Zayn Malik but if I was him listening to this, I’d be laughing my ass off. ‘Oh baby, I’m cool by the way, ain’t sure I loved you anyway’, yeah I’m sure you didn’t despite you still whining about what happened over a year ago you mug. ‘Oh, I deleted all your pics
then blocked your number from my phone’, what are you, 13 years old? Like jheeze this has to be the most pathetic break up song I’ve ever heard. You dodged a bullet there Zayn from the sounds of things.

So all in all, one of the worst and most infuriating tracks of the year without a doubt. Going into it I was speculative anyway having never really liked a single Little Mix track, but this has just compounded my dislike into a hateful feeling; I won’t be listening to one of your new tracks in a while, good day sir.

2/10 – I honestly can’t say enough bad things about this track.


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