Martin Garrix ft. Florian Picasso ‘Make Up Your Mind’ Song Review

After being quite critical of Martin Garrix’s latest batch of tracks, I thought ‘heck, I can’t give up on the guy already’, so I didn’t and here we are reviewing another Garrix track hoping, nay, praying for it to be good. So let’s dive right into it…

Eh I’m impartial on this one. I felt that the track started off so well with this progressive house sound, with really vibrant instrumentals and interesting textures; but that’s when it fell over. Instead of sticking true to this sweet build up, he went for the cheap drop and it just sounded awful. So to me this track is a 50/50 split of potential and waste.

Production wise the track felt solid, in fact I’d say it was better produced than the other tracks he’s recently released. The instrumentals seemed to mix together well, really bolstering the stereo field in my headphones. However, I did feel this track lacked a lot in the bass department. It seemed to be a little gutless because the kick wasn’t nearly as deep as it needed to be to cover up the lack of sub. I guess it’s personal preference but I just felt like something was missing.

The progressions, like I prior mentioned, were exciting until that drop. The roads-style keyboard that started playing this cute little sequence really had me grasped in, I was excited to see where it went. But that drop… What a terrible drop. Not only was it rushed with no real anticipation, it also just broke the track up unnecessarily for me. The little Mexican style melody that played in this part just felt so irrelevant to the track; so disappointing really.

I haven’t really got too much more to say about the track really; it became pretty dire and I lost all my enthusiasm fast. The feature was unnecessary as the vocals had no hook or presence to them and lyrically the song just felt like a sample. This is probably my shortest song review yet as I honestly can’t say much else other than this track just came across as filler and quite frankly dull.

4/10 – An opportunity wasted.


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