Sia ‘Confetti’ Song Review

So Sia is back again with her new track ‘Confetti’ and guess what!? It sounds exactly the same as every Sia track. One word, and only one word, ‘BORING’ (I mean the capitals by the way, I like to spice things up once in a while). This track is just lazy pop mess that chooses not to develop and sits back on one of the least catchy hooks of the week. There are so many fundamental problems in this track which I can’t wait to tell you about, so sit back, take a swig of your brew and watch the madness unfold…

The production is pretty lacklustre here. The instrumentals have no force or power to them despite the musical progression, the vocals are all wobbly and all over the place, and the track just doesn’t sit too well with me. There are a lot of vocal dynamics in this track, from big, powerful notes to delicate, soft notes, but there is one problem… THEY ARE MIXED TO THE SAME VOLUME! Judging from this track, Sia has the loudest whisper in the world with her ‘quiet’ voice swamping her projectile ‘singing’ voice almost dramatically so. Come on producers, they pay you enough, do your job.

The instrumentals are appallingly boring with no variation whatsoever. They use the same progression throughout the whole track, never straying from this boring sequence. The textures are so safe too, with this extreme high-end synth and big, belowing low-end sub bass being the only distinguishable pieces of instrumentation in the mix; the drums don’t count here as their common time beat became so repetitive that I subconsciously blocked them out after a minute. Rubbish, plain, repetitive and unimaginative; good job.

Structurally the song is a mess. What the heck were they thinking with this repetitive form. As far as I could make out, the track went: verse, chorus, verse, chorus, chorus, chorus, chorus. HOW LAZY DO YOU WANT TO BE LADY? No differentiation in the pre-chorus, no bridge at all, no intro, no outro, just ruddy chorus and verse?! By far the weakest thought out song of the month; I bang on about the intelligence in tracks often with independent groups, but here there isn’t an ounce. Good job.

Lyrically the song is cliche, corny, stereotypical, pop-song tripe. No nice way of putting it. ‘We had love so strong my heart couldn’t take it, you took it in your hands and resuscitated’, gosh try at least a little harder! This is all filler nonsense, the hook is filler nonsense, the supposed pre-chorus is filler nonsense; there is no substance throughout the whole track! Just singing random words from the depressing dictionary in order to fill the boring melody of the substandard pop track someone else wrote… Good job.

The vocal performance isn’t great either. Sia has so many bad habits when it comes to singing that often her voice becomes unbearable. She has this horrible little squeak on the start of some notes that causes me to cringe each time I hear it; that needs to be ironed out. I think you could of slapped any pop singer on this track and the same job will of been achieved; no identity here.

So all in all, bleugh. Another pile of rubbish to throw in the bin alongside the new Little Mix track, the new Future track and the latest Zara Larsson track.

2.5/10 – The laziest song of the month no doubt.


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