Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne Marie ‘Rockabye’ Song Review

This song is some Grade A trash; perfect to start off my birthday weekend. Throughout the whole track I felt myself distracted by my surroundings; it was just that boring. I really struggled to concentrate even when thinking of things to write about the song. For me, it’s another track this month that is destined to be forgotten by the end of the month; sad really. Anyways let’s dive in and see why this track is such a steaming pile of doo-doo…

Structurally the song is garbage. It’s form is over-reliant on a chorus with a hook that just isn’t that catchy. I know they tried to use that hook like twenty times throughout the run time, but if it didn’t work the first, then give up. The bridge is my main concern however as it was pretty darn pathetic. How many times do I have to say it this week, it’s not a bridge if you’re just playing the chorus quieter… That’s just playing the chorus quieter; funny that…

The features felt pretty pointless as Sean Paul felt like the only person with life on the track… That doesn’t excuse him from criticism however… Anne Marie could of been swapped out with any singer working today and you wouldn’t of known the difference; she felt like a bad Sia clone, who herself, is a bad Rihanna clone. Clean Bandits track was dire as ‘heck, relying on this pop-reggae beat that we’ve heard a thousands times this year. Heck even Maroon 5 used it last week; pop music what have you become! Sean Paul just did his usual Sean Paul thing, saying his name a couple times, delivering a couple lines in gibberish and calling out in inappropriate places. How Sean Paul still has a career is beyond me. I thought when Shaggy came around his career would be in the dust, but still a decade on, Sean is still featuring on rubbish tracks adding an over-dramatised Caribbean feel.

The instrumentals, like I previously touched upon, are snooze-inducing. The stereotypical electronic reggae beat is slow and boring, the little synths aren’t dynamic or cutting enough to even notice that often in the mix and the song in general has no variation. Although I will say the production was pretty good on this single, the bass sounded wholesome, the beat sounded big and the vocals seemed to come across a bit more natural than the average pop tracks; but then mixing Sean Paul’s vocals must be a nightmare so they have to keep autotune to a minimal before he loses his diction altogether. But back onto the main point, the track is way too repetitive and really offers nothing new; we’ve heard it all before beat by beat.

Lyrically the song tried to be endearing and emotional (I think) but the delivery lost the sincerity and it just didn’t suit the style of track. The instrumentals were way too ‘happy’ and uplifting for any sadness to be brought in; a lyrical revision could of been helpful in my opinion. Anne Marie delivers the lines with no gusto or heart whatsoever, meaning the lyrics don’t have that interactivity which makes the singer believable.

That’s all I really have to say about this track. Boring is the only word that really fits the song, it’s difficult to come up with any other appropriate adjectives (maybe irritating but the track’s not bad enough for me to warrant using the insult).

3.5/10 – How many 3’s have I given out this week? Jheeze…


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