Music News: Azealia Banks writes an apology to Zayn?!

The Cruella Deville of music has finally issued a lengthy apology to Zayn Malik… Bit of a shocker really. The controversial singer actually had her Twitter account suspended earlier this year after hurling racist insults towards Zayn. Why did she do this? Well she accused Malik of supposedly ‘copying’ one of her looks in one of his music videos back in May. So in all honesty, she is a horrific human being and a closet racist, but at least this apology is well worded and seemingly sincere; she earns some brownie points back I guess.

Underneath is what was posted to her Instagram earlier today:


The rap star has been dominating the tabloids recently due to her dispute with Russel Crowe… One which she has now dropped all charges for… Funny that.

For me it’s all an utter shame. When Azealia initially burst onto the scene, I was so impressed. She seemed like a more raw version of Nicki Minaj with some of the tastiest instrumentals backing her up. But now I feel she’s the laughing stock of the industry who keeps making worse and worse decisions day by day. Hopefully this apology is a step in the right direction for the rapper, she needs to stop making headlines for the wrong reasons and instead concentrate on her music.



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