Music News: Phil Collins sells out in seconds!

It comes as no surprise that the tickets for Phil Collins’ comeback tour have sold out in mere seconds. As you know, Collins is actually coming out of retirement to perform a five-night stay at the Royal Albert Hall in London as well as performing dates in Cologne and Paris.

It also comes as no surprise that fans were angered after tickets for the music legend were snapped up in seconds only to be sold later on other sites for twice the price. A great example of this was posted on NME earlier today. The article stated, ‘buyers looking for tickets on Ticketmaster are now redirected to its official ticket reselling site Get Me In, where prices range from £290 to £2200.’

Of course everyone took to Twitter to moan in their masses, complaining that GETMEIN’s practices are both morally wrong and illegal. You know what? They are right to do so. On the tickets, it clearly states ‘not for resale’, in fact, on the site it says not for resale, so why has this been allowed to happen? Fix up Ticketmaster.




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