Office Clocks Interview (08/01/2016)


Here at String Buzz we try to consistently offer a diverse range of musical theologies, reviews and genres in order to wet the appetites of musical fans from every walk of life.Today is no exception to our philosophies since we have already given you our interview with Maria-Emilia and now we are pumping you out our segment with the brilliant Office Clocks!

Office Clocks are a unique blend of contemporary indie, 90s British invasion rock and even 80s synth driven music. Their fusion contributes to an undeniably original sound which is as if Blur had a baby with the Kaiser Chiefs which was then raised by The Eurythmics. With instantly recognizable vocals, inventive bass lines, a backing of harmonic synths and an electric kit setup offering sweet drum sequences to give that real 90s heart, the Office Clocks supply music that sticks immediately out from the mainstream crowd nowadays. We very proudly present to you our segment with Office Clocks! The Q&A went as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?

A. We would definitely fall into the Indie Rock/Pop bracket, we have tried to have that ‘Britpop’ type sound from the late 90’s but then we have thrown in some 80s synths and a bit of 21st Century production to try and freshen it up a bit for a sound that is hopefully more fitting for the here and now.

Q. (Singular) Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Zac – I love great melodies so classic songwriters. For example Lennon and McCartney are big influences but I will take inspiration from anything that’s memorable and catchy from any genre really e.g. I wrote a song based around the hook of California Love by Dr Dre just because it sounds great.

Jim – Radiohead are a big influence to me, I also love Jeff Buckley, The Beatles, The Kinks and I really like epic film score stuff when taking inspiration for productions.

Matt – Being a drummer I have a real eclectic taste from Heavy Rock to Acid Jazz, Funk, Pop, Soul, its all there really and I have to draw on all of it at some point depending on what I am bashing away to.

Q. What album/albums would you put up there as your favourite of all time?

A. Zac – I have picked these three cause they have so much variety for the listener;  Ben Folds Five- The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner, The Beatles- White Album, Queen- Sheer Heart Attack

Jim –  I really like Grace by Jeff Buckley, great album!

Matt – That’s a tough question because it depends on my mood but Are You Experienced by Hendrix is up there along with almost anything by Led Zeppelin, Tool or James Brown.

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future in the recording process or touring?

A. We are not thinking too far ahead as we only started this project in November 2015 with the E.P being released on December 16th, so we are just concentrating on promoting ‘Happy At the Weekend’ via media, online, radio etc and doing some small gigs at the moment. Its been getting a really good reception so far and if that carries on we will shift up a gear with bigger gigs and promo, it all depends on if people like it enough to want to come out and see us which hopefully they do.

Q. So your single ‘Happy At The Weekend’ dropped and I gotta say I loved the fusion you had on modern melodies and progression mixed with a late 80s style. How you describe the whole studio process when making the single and what would you advise bands looking to enter this process on how they should carry it out?

A. Being in the studio is like cooking to us, we try and pick ingredients that work well together and throw them into the mix. We had ‘Happy At The Weekend’ written around the main guitar riff when we went into the studio so just needed to build the sound up around it with things that sounded good. Not that we are experts but any advise I would give would be to have the song written in basic form first (piano or guitar) then listen to the song back and pick reference points from bands you think who’s production would suit it. Have an idea but don’t feel you have to stick with it 100%, originally I thought Happy At The Weekend would be a bit slower in a Kasabian type vibe but it evolved as we worked on it, that’s why we love making music and the whole creative process, its always interesting.

Q. Where did the name Office Clocks come from, was it spur of the moment or symbolic or what?

A. A bit of both really, the E.P has a bitter sweet vibe to it with the whole ‘Only happy at the weekend’ thing so for the band name and E.P cover we wanted to portray that too. There is a line in the song ‘When office clocks seem like they’ve stopped’ and it just clicked that Office Clocks sounded like a good band name and would work well visually. We put two clocks inside the O’s on the Logo, one showing 9AM and the other showing 5PM with the idea that it portrays that anticipation of waiting for work to end and the good times to begin.

Q. What was the last song you listened to and would you recommend it?

Zac – The last song I listened to was actually ‘Your Not Alone’ by Office Clocks as I was working on an alternative mix, I can definitely recommend that aha. Other than that I think it was James Bay – Let it Go, great record.

Jim – I had to listen to Uptown Funk for another project I am working on, it was ‘Hot Damn’ though!!!

Matt – It was Rival Sons- Keep On Swinging, great band, go check them out.

So there you have it! Office Clocks were a great bunch of guys and have a  great future behind them too if they keep impressing everyone with this very unique and fun style of music. So if you are a promoter or a label reading this out there I’d implore you to look at this act closely, Brit Rock has been awaiting a revival and perhaps these guys could be a part of it! To the rest of you reading this, as usual, send them some love to their social media and videos out there and get these guys rising because I’m sure as hell that they deserve it!

Office Clocks – Happy At The Weekend (Official Music Video):

Office Clocks iTunes:

Office Clocks Facebook Page:


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