Music News: Shawn Mendes wins big at the teen awards!

Shawn Mendes was the huge victor at this year’s Radio 1 Teen Awards, taking two of the top, sought after prizes. The vocalist won Best International Solo Artist and Best Single for Stitches.

Best International Group went to the pop punk group 5 Seconds of Summer, whilst Adele picked up the Best British Solo Artist award at the service in Wembley, London.

Dan and Phil both won the main online honour of the evening, getting the award for Best Vlogger. Would of liked to of seen a change of scenery here for this award, especially with the great music vloggers that have surged in popularity this year.

What shocked me however was what happened with Taylor Swift here at the awards. Taylor Swift was voted most Most Entertaining Celeb… Yeah you heard me. Some how the princess of unneeded controversy picked up an award this year. F*** me right?

Other than that, there wasn’t much to take from the awards musically. All a load of tripe to me, just another glorified popularity contest.



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