Three Reasons Why Interview (04/12/2015)

*** RE-UPLOAD ***

So earlier this week as you know, we posted an interview we had with YouTube star Harriet Gold with huge feedback and a record visitor count to the site. With over 95 different visitors and 200 views on the interview in just under a day, we hit a new high on the site despite it only being a week or two old. We cannot thank Harriet enough and can’t even to begin to thank everyone else that spent a little time surfing our site giving us beautiful feedback.

Riding off of that we also managed to land another great opportunity, this time with the lovely folks at ‘Three Reasons Why’. Now I’ve known these guys for a while and seem them perform multiple times and my god guys be prepared for the future. With a unique blend of classic rock complexity, contemporary technique master-craft and sheer musical ability, these guys manage to wow the audience consistently everywhere they go. For youngsters these lot have wise old heads and the capabilities to match so I urge all you record producers out there and label scouts to head to one of these guys shows and you’ll get far more than your moneys worth with an incredibly professional attitude to match. So the questions and responses went as below:

Q. What would you say your particular music style/repertoire is; how would you describe your music?

A. Our styles are mainly Rock and sometimes funk. In terms of songs we write they are either Rock or Metal as these styles are what the whole band enjoy and can perform well, however, we are looking at possibly doing some acoustic songs for the lighter listeners and to display al larger skill set and awareness of different styles. The funk element is courtesy of Aidan (drummer) and Connor (bassist) who both love improvising and playing random funk grooves which we are also looking to hopefully combine into a song or two to add to the album we hope to release.

Q. Who are your biggest influences when making music and do you feel you take any aspects from their style and add it to your own?

A. Connor (bass) –  I love listening to classical music and the smoothness of transitions in some cases. The way of which different harmonic changes can be achieved is incredibly clever in classical, especially impressionist artists such as Debussy. Whilst I love the technical side, I find the emotional side very important and so listen to lots of modern instrumental music by artists such as Sigur Rós and Lowercase noises. It’s just a different way of approaching sounds; using different instruments, structures, all kinds of things. So definitely, I take these people’s attitude to dedication into what I write and perform.
Ben (lead guitarist) – For almost every style I write in, there is an artist which I take influences from. A few years ago, I was extremely into metal, and I took a lot of influences from System of a Down. I loved the way they focuses on rhythm instead of melody, and I believe that the focus on rhythm is what makes their music so unique. I certainly try to encompass that in my compositions.I also composed a few piano concertos, but I am against publishing them. It is my belief that you should completely understand the music genre and instruments before you actually publish them; at least two or three years of actually listening to the style and understanding all the theory and techniques behind it. This is particularly hard with piano music and so whilst I would love to compose how Chopin or Beethoven did, I don’t believe I should be due to my sheer lack of knowledge of the piano.
Finally, in more recent times, I have been writing very experimental music without influences. Whilst to many people it would sound bad, I think that expressionist and experimental music captures the most emotion. Being a guitarist, my experimental music does not use pianos or string sections as a composer like Schoenberg would have done, but I instead like to adapt modern or pop instruments such as the guitar into expressionist genres.
Tallulah (vocals and rhythm guitar) – Speaking from the perspective of a vocalist, there are many artists who I feel have been very influential in the development of my own singing style. I have always been drawn again and again to strong female vocals, singers like Stevie Nicks, Annie Lennox and Hailey Williams and recently I’ve been really inspired by Dutch singer Caro Emerald, she’s a very refreshing artist who puts her own spin on the jazz style she sings and I hope to see her in concert one day
Aidan (drummer) – Originally, my main influences as a drummer were Tre Cool from Green Day as they were the first band I truly became interested in at the age of around 13. Tre’s playing allowed me to develop stamina and fast playing very early on in my drumming career which I now carry through to all my performances. Another original influence of mine is the great John Bonham of Led Zepplin. Bonham was probably my most early influence as he was really the first music I properly listened to as Zepplin were, and still are a favourite of my Dad’s. Bonham influenced me to create more fills using the bass drum as he does through numerous songs, which creates more depth, speed and power within the fills. More recently, I am influenced by Joey Jordison from my ever growing interest in Slipknot. Joey is the reason I established and concreted my use of a double bass drum pedal, allowing me to play heavier songs and play closer to Connor’s bass lines with added bass drum notes. It also allows for me to add bass drums within fills even further linking to my influence from John Bonham.

Q. What would you say was your favourite performance since becoming a band? What gig left you with the most satisfied feeling?

A. Connor – I think my favourite performance was our first ever band performance at the July Battle of the Bands. It was our first time (as a three piece before Tallulah) playing as a group and whilst the audience was quite average, the venue and thrill of the occasion was incredible. It’s one of those times you think that you really wouldn’t mind spending your life doing it. However, I think my most satisfying performance was our most recent audition which got us into the final of the next Battle of the Bands. We had improved significantly in terms of performance, ability and confidence including our vocalist. To see such improvement and everyone having great fun was a very content feeling.
Ben – I would agree with Connor and say our first Battle of the Bands performance. I hadn’t played in front of an audience for a long time and so was very nervous in front of the crowd, but I feel that was the performance in which we all realised that we could go far as a band.
Tallulah – Being a new addition to the band only a few months ago, it’s been great seeing everyone develop more performance skills and confidence on stage within such a short time. I’ve only done the one gig with the band for the Battle of the Bands audition, it was an eye opening and a totally amazing experience, and actually a lot of fun.  Once we were all up there and doing our thing it was actually far less terrifying than I thought it would be and we all enjoyed it immensely.
Aidan – For me, it is definitely going to have to be our most recent performance at the Battle of the Bands audition where we all definitely performed our best and out did expectations of each other and ourselves. It was great to see the development of how we each perform since our last Battle of the Bands final and gig at the Rock Bottom Festival and see how we were all more comfortable and enjoying ourselves a lot more.

Q. Can we expect any recordings in the future, an EP or a demo perhaps?

A. We are in fact in the process of writing a couple of songs that we hope to add to an album to get us and our sound out there and hopefully put us on the map. But that is a little while off for now and so you will have to wait for all that!

Q. What album would you crown your favourite of all time and why?

A. Connor – To ask a musician his favourite album is almost certainly never a definite answer! I think however it is a tie between Hospice by the Antlers and Valtari by Sigur Rós. Both entirely based on their superb emotional expression. Hospice tells the story of a husband and wife’s relationship during her time as a terminal bone cancer patient in a hospice. She was in immense pain and the album covers the story from admission to her unfortunate passing. A very heartfelt album that was the first ever album to really hit me hard in both music and the rest of my life. Valtari is a phenomenal album that I can’t really say much about! But just listen to it. Ambience doesn’t get much better.

Ben – Choosing a favourite album is a very difficult task because what I listen to is so dependent on the mood I’m in. However, I would probably have to go with System of a Down’s self-titled first album. This album was written before they started taking influences from pop music, and so I feel it is a very raw portrayal of what they stand for as a band, and how their musical style would be if they didn’t feel the need to become a commercial success afterwards.
Tallulah – I think due to the fact that I can easily listen to the whole album without skipping any songs, the first album that pops into mind would be West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum by Kasabian. That’s the album that first got me hooked on Kasabian and although they’ve changed a lot, I’m still a fan of everything they do musically.
Aidan – Although its not one of my favourites now, I am going to have to pick American Idiot by Green Day as it is the album that really started the ball rolling for me. Green Day were the first band I discovered myself and I really enjoyed their music. They allowed me to grow and develop quickly as a drummer and increase my interest in rock music, and they put me where I am now, with my varied styles and influences and passion for drumming.

Q. Who’s the most famous music act or artist you have met and what was your reaction?

A.Connor – It depends what counts as met! I haven’t really “met” anyone but if a wink and a smile counts and a mention in the mic, them Jean-Jacques Burnell from the Stranglers. My musical hero and a superb bassist. My reaction was of course a very contained smile followed by many sleepless nights!

 Ben – I think meeting Mark Tremonti from Alter Bridge was my most memorable moment. To see someone in music videos on YouTube all your life and then suddenly see them in real life and have a chat with them is an incredible feeling.
Tallulah – I sadly haven’t actually had the chance to meet any artists face to face, but it’s right up there on my bucket list! I think I’d quite like to meet Muse or alternatively Serge from Kasabian, mainly because he looks like such a cool guy to hang out with.
Aidan – Never actually met anyone famous or even been to a live show for that matter. (Protective parents, don’t ask) I really would love to see many bands live, such as Bring Me The Horizon and Slipknot and then go on to meet them. I’m fascinated by the stories behind each band member in Slipknot and how their masks represent them and the stage they are at in their lives. Also the passion they show in each performance and just everything they do is so inspiring and is an example to all musicians. If I had to pick two to meet from Slipknot, it would be Corey Taylor, and of course the multi-talented drummer Joey (even though he’s not in the band anymore, I still count him as a member). And also, if anyone wants to take me to a live show, let me know!

It was great getting in touch with these guys again especially since having personally performed on the same stages as they have and having met them all on multiple occasions. I must reiterate that people should be looking out for this young group of four because their potential is untapped and who knows what more they can add to the music industry if given the break!


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