Blink 182 ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’ Song Review

With the latest Blink 182 album lingering on store shelves, I thought I’d revisit a couple tracks for some more reviewing on the site. The time is clearly right as they are still releasing music videos from the album, starting with ‘She’s Out Of Her Mind’. The album ‘California’ for me, is one of the biggest letdowns in pop punk history. Let’s not sugar coat it, the album blows big time. But that doesn’t mean every track blows individually… So what do I think of this one…

Well this is definitely one of the better tracks on the album. Is it amazing? No, no way, but it’s functional and it’s catchy; the necessities and fundamentals for a pop punk track are expressed here. Does Skiba get more time to showcase why he’s a good inclusion? Probably, well I can’t tell as he’s singing in his best ‘Mark Hoppus’ voice. Is it one of the better tracks off of the album? I’d say second best, but I’d leave it there.

Production wise, like the rest of the album, is where the track falls down. Everything just feels so weak and thin. The tenacity and aggression which you’d find in your average pop punk track is just missing here and I point that down to production. I know the producer from 5SOS is to blame here but I blame Blink as a group. Why hire a producer known for mixing sappy pop tracks? Beats me… The drums sound weak as if all the impact has been oozed out, the guitar sounds so thin and weightless that it barely carries in the mix and the vocals, oh boy the vocals, what were they thinking? They sound like robotic synths, humming through google translate; let’s production more emotion please.

Instrumentally the song is fine, just fine. The drums have competent spells with some sweet hi-hat work and the vocal melodies potentially are fairly catchy. It’s just the execution for me. I felt that the best fills were in the wrong transitions and that the guitar is so basic that you didn’t really need Skiba the whole time. That’s my problem. Skiba feels like a session musician on the whole album. He doesn’t offer anything vocally outside of Hoppus’s tone and he doesn’t offer anything instrumentally; some how he is worse than Tom at playing guitar…

The form of the track is your basic pop structure with nothing really being developed. It does however contain a fairly catchy chorus that I liked more and more with each re-listen. The verses however, I found myself completely distracted as concentrating on the plain progression got too difficult for me to do. The middle-eighth was practically non-existent and you know what, that’s better than some of the other cliches I’ve heard this fortnight.

So overall the track isn’t bad, it’s just not that good. I hope Blink turns to more riff work sooner rather than later, because at the moment Skiba’s lack of imagination is really holding them back.

5/10 – It’s okay I guess, could be better and could be worse.


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