Set Mo ‘See Right Through Me’ Song Review

Going into this track, it’s fair to say that I don’t know a single thing about Set Mo. Heck, I still don’t know whether it’s a singer, a duo similar to Alunageorge or a couple of DJ’s and you know what? I cant be bothered to look it up either. Anyways back to the initial point, ‘See Right Through Me’ is a track by Set Mo that has been blowing up recently. If you know anything about me, then you’d know I’m nosy. So you can guess that I was curious to see what the hype is about… So let’s dive into reviewing this track shall we?

It’s a little bit meh for me. I’m sorry I can’t find a better word, but the track just seems a little dry in my honest opinion. It’s not super up tempo and wild, it’s not progressive and brooding; it’s just there, a little static if you ask me. I felt a little bored in all honesty when listening to the track as nothing seemed to progress. It felt stagnant with no climax; the substance was lacking. Now did I think the track was bad? No not at all, in fact it’s one of the better house tracks to come out this month, but I just don’t see the audience for this track. It’s too tame is what I’m trying to say, there is no variation of exploration, it just repeats and repeats.

Production wise the song is fairly solid. The bass is hearty and wholesome, the drums deep and impactful, and the vocals are competently produced. The natural tone of the vocalist is left untampered which I’m so thankful for; the more unique voices that are introduced to house, the more the genre will grow no doubt.

There wasn’t much musicality to comment on if I’m honest. The form is of your regular pop track, the beat is more common that beans on toast and the vocals aren’t particularly exploratory. Having commented on the vocals here, I’ve got to say I found the performance some what alluring. His vocals are really quite different with a tone that sticks out in comparison to the competition. The lazy approach gives the track some character; hopefully some better instrumentals will back him up next time.

Lyrically the song is a dud with nothing new or exciting explored… Moving on…

Overall then, it’s another track that leaves me a little lost for words. It’s not particularly bad, it’s not particularly good, it’s just there. I won’t remember it by this time next week and I guess that’s how it goes for house music every now and then; definitely the most hit or miss genre around at the moment.

5/10 – I wish I could come up with something more creative, but I can’t think of anything…


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