B-Leaguers Interview (25/10/2016)

A review and an interview all in one day? Surely that’s unheard of? But luckily that is the case! We’ve managed to land a great Q&A with the lads over at B-Leaguers and hopefully you’ll enjoy this just as much as the review! So let’s cut the crap and dive straight in shall we!

Q. Where did you all first meet?

A. Ched and myself met on a music site. We were both looking for musicians for an original band. I’d known Mikey for a while, he used to review bands for a music blog. Mark, who plays on the album, I’d known through various local bands and his great reputation and Nate, our new drummer, is a well known name on Lincoln’s original music scene, having played with touring bands.

Q. Where did you get the name ‘B-Leaguers’ from?

A. It’s always a problem to find a name everyone agrees on. It’s normally the last thing you think about, as you’re all occupied writing the songs. We came up with a few, but B-Leaguers stuck.

Q. Who are your influences and do you think they effect how you sound as a group?

A. We all bring our influences to the band. Ched’s the punk guy, Mikey loves the Ramones and rock, Nate listens to a wide range of stuff, I’m always looking to find a melody in there. It just seems to work. We don’t analyse it too much.

Q. How did you find the studio experience making ‘Death of a Western Heart’?

A. We recorded at Insonic Studios, here in Lincoln. Great place, great engineers. It came together real fast. We were rehearsed and tight, so it was fun working everyday with Gaz and Jimi at the controls. Certainly the best time I’ve had in the studio, the songs came to life almost immediately. Great, relaxed atmosphere, which I think shows on the record.

Q. How did you find the songwriting experience for ‘Death of a Western Heart’?

A. When you initially get together with a bunch of new musicians, you’re never really sure how it’s going to go. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We kind of knew early on that we were on to something, the songs just kept coming. We had way more for our debut than we needed, we just picked what we thought were the strongest. And it was a deliberate decision to only record seven, we didn’t want our debut to outstay it’s welcome.

Q. Do you have any advice for young punk groups just starting out?

A. All I would say really is go for it! If you feel you have something to say, get out there and say it! Don’t let anyone discourage you or tell you not to. Any music scene relies on new bands and talent coming through. Put your own gigs on, shout about yourself, make it happen!

Q. Have you got any big plans for the near future?

A. We’re excited to say, we’ve just signed a deal with punk label, PWVA Records, who are based in the Netherlands. There will be a split mini-album with the brilliant Hooligan Crooners, early next year. We’re looking at playing some gigs with them around the UK and festival slots – we’re just confirmed for the Punk & Disorderly Festival, in Salisbury, next March, alongside TV Smith, The Crash Landings and loads more.

Q. What song did you listen to last and would you recommend it?

A. I just listened to ‘Me and My Desire’ by 999. Yeah, you can’t beat a bit of old school punk!

So there you have it! We urge you to send some love over to the group as they really deserve it for all the work they’ve done in the British punk scene. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and one of the best groups to get into contact with too. We wish them all the best of luck going into the business end of the year!


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