Franz Ferdinand ‘Demagogue’ Song Review

Another day, another track about the U.S. presidential election oh goodie… However, up to this point, the music that has been produced in correlation to the election has actually been pretty damn good. Whether it be Eminem’s ‘Campaign Speech’ or Death Cab For Cute’s ‘Million Dollar Loan’; the songs to do with the election have been kicking ass! Sure they’ve been a little one sided but then from a British point of view, so has the election. But without further adieu, we shall dive into this review with open ears!

This song is okay, it’s not great, but it’s okay. I really liked the progression, I thought the odd time signature was great fun to listen to and I thought the vocal performance was very stylistic. However, the track is very repetitive and it lacks a lot of substance. Whereas the prior mentioned tracks felt unique and well thought out, this track just feels a little rushed and a little pandering if I’m honest. All the lyrics are about things we’ve heard a thousands times before and the whole ‘Demagogue’ hook became irritating quite fast.

Production wise the track is very weak for a professional band. The bass swamped the mix making the guitars lose drive and the drums lose impact. The vocals are okay but you would of had to of done something catastrophic to screw his delivery up anyway. The whole song sounded a little stale and a little ploddy; the mixing created this grey atmosphere. I do however respect the group for writing and recording this track in the space of a week, that takes balls.

The musicality of this piece, like I previously touched upon, is fairly decent. The little interrupted beat felt fresh and different to your average pop rock song. The guitar’s though simple, did play a little catchy phrase which is still stuck in my head now. The vocals are a little monotone but I really love Alex Kapranos’ voice so I can’t complain too much. The form of the song is a little dry, repeating section after section with no variation, but the way it’s been executed makes the track seem more quirky than lazy. All in all a little average if I’m honest but there are definitely some positive ideas flying about in the track.

Lyrically the song is pulling at strings a little. I know that this track came out before Eminem’s song, but I do feel that this is the unnecessary track of the trio; there are better songs that comment on the subject matter more intelligently. This track came off as a little unnecessary and, although I know of Trumps controversies all too well, I did feel that this was scraping the bottom of the barrel.

All in all the track is okay. It’s a fun little difference but all I can really say about it is that it’s okay; passable might be a better term. It just about squeezes into the good category but I doubt I’ll remember the song past the election date; unfortunate but true.

6/10 – I’m fairly indifferent on this one, could of been so much worse but then could of been a little better too.


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