Robbie Williams ‘Love My Life’ Song Review

Oh boy do we have another stinker here! I actually like Robbie Williams, I think he’s a funny and quirky bloke with a decent enough heart. I think his records are mighty cheesy but they sell and are popular; he’s a 90’s and early 20’s icon let’s be honest. But I have no idea what he was thinking going into this track. It sounded so off and out of character for him! It hurt to get all the way through if I’m honest, by the final chorus I just wanted it to hurry up and end.

Production wise, the track is passable. I say that because the instrumentals combined to create a decent enough texture which never sounded too overproduced. Everything did sound a little fake and tampered with but then I expect that of a pop track nowadays. The vocals were produced well enough but I don’t think any amount of producing could of gotten rid of the awful vocal performance. The bass didn’t really pick up in my subwoofer either making the low end sound almost non-existent; when I’m listening to a pop track I expect a little bass, but here it just didn’t deliver.

Musicality wise this song is conflicting in it’s nature. It can’t decide whether it’s a pop track or a regular ballad, so it does a bit of both to terrible results. The instrumentation is safe with a progression that repeats over and over with barely any variation. The beat is bland and I lost my concentration fast just trying to listen to it. The vocal performance is shockingly bad, I’d say the worst of Robbie’s career. His voice is really beginning to sound a little old now, and it’s lack of power is coming out more prominently with each year passing. It sounded cheesy and forced; it got quite difficult to listen to in parts.

Lyrically the song is a little too plain for me. Every line felt safe and every phrase came across as yawn inducing. There were no clever puns, no instances of word play and no metaphorical sequences. It just didn’t carry enough substance to warrant me deciphering; once you’ve heard the track the first time, you’ve already heard it all if that makes sense.

So all in all the track is a dud let’s be honest. With Take That about to sellout another huge tour, it makes you think that Robbie probably isn’t best suited to solo work anymore. He just hasn’t got the ability to carry a track like he used to and needs backup… A reunion perhaps? I doubt it, although it worked well the first time, I just see too many ego’s colliding this time round.

3/10 – I give more three’s than any other number as statistics prove on this site, does that bother me? A little bit…


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