Wilkinson ft. Karen Harding ‘Sweet Lies’ Song Review

Yeah we have another dud here. After riding high off of listening to the two prior albums mentioned in articles on this site, I was going into this track relatively happy. So what the heck happened. Here is the best example of a DJ being famous because the media tells you they’re famous. Sure Wilkinson has had a hit or two, but each track he makes now blows up for no other reason than it’s abundance of coverage. You look at the comment section and all the fans are fairly indifferent; heck they are even distracted. So why is this track such a big deal? I don’t know, I wish I could answer. I see NME commenting on it, the BBC mentioning it, MTV playing it, but I don’t see it anywhere on forums or on reviewing sites. That tells me that either the track sucks more than it was expected to, or that no one really cares despite the constant advertisement. But you know who cares? This son of a gun. Why? Because someone has to! So let’s dive into this review shall we?

The production of this track is competent yet underwhelming. The vocals sound clear and crisp and there is potential in the progression. But the bass is weak and the kit has no presence, it’s a drum and bass track with no drum or bass. Also, it’s an exact replica of his other tracks! Everything from the way the synths are mixed, to the beat of the kick, change it up once in a while, take a leaf out of Chris Gresswell’s book or something!

The musicality of the track is of course lacking. The song is predictable from the first beat since it follows every single Wilkinson trope. The vocal melody is bland with no real hook and the instrumentation injects nothing but filler. There are no catchy phrases, no moments of wonder and I felt distracted throughout the whole track; it took me 15 seconds to realise the track was even over when I was texting on my phone. There is very little change, outside of the drum beat, from section to section; the progression just repeats and the vocals follow the same melody like a human ostinato.

The lyrics are so forced and cliche that it annoys me that I even have to comment on them. Clearly no effort or enthusiasm was put in to devising any clever word play or sequences, so I’m not going to put any more effort into deciphering the lyrics; boo to you too.

Overall then this track review is quite short, I know, but then the song doesn’t contain enough substance for me to really comment on. It’s just 4 minutes of background drum and bass; ‘heck I’d even be disappointed if I went to a rave and this track came on. It’s weak, it’s rushed and it contains nothing of value, so yeah, it’s a waste of time.

3/10 – The only thing holding the track up off of the bottom spot, is how bad other tracks this month have been in comparison.


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