Action Bronson ft. Big Body Bes ‘Durag vs Headband’ Song Review

So I recently watched Anthony Fantano’s ‘Best of the Week’ video which contained this track. Having known that he isn’t a big fan of Action Bronson, it was hence a surprise to me that he put this in the best category. Now what do I know about Action Bronson? Well not a lot really. I’m sure I’ve heard one of his tracks before, but I don’t really remember it enough to really comment on the artist. So going into this track I was fresh. As you know, I prefer being like that when listening to a track because I can give a more rounded review of the song. Let’s cut the waffle off here and dive into the review shall we?

I’m a little indifferent to this track for a whole range of reasons. One being that the lyrics bounce from awful to great from phrase to phrase. One being that the instrumentation plays a catchy progression even though it gets dull after a while. One being that the feature came across as pointless in every way. It’s fair to say, that this track has me conflicted.

Production wise the song is actually very good. I loved the way the accompaniment is mixed; it really injects this urban feel into the track which I’d like to hear more often by other artists. The vocals are very mixed, sinking into the mesh very well yet keeping the natural tone of Bronson’s voice. That’s all I can really say about the production, it is pretty good.

Musicality wise the song gets old pretty fast. Although I like the drum beat and the little bass sequence, I did feel once the song hit the 2 minute mark that something needed to be changed. Although there are phrases where we get silences and holds, I don’t think there is enough variation to warrant a whole song being made from the beat. I would of liked to of seen perhaps a catchier bass line brought in mid way, just to develop the groove a little. It wouldn’t have to be much, but something should of changed somewhere in the track.

Lyrically the song is okay. There are lines that are clever and witty, but then there are lines that are forced and just aren’t that funny. The whole line about Wayne’s World and the guitar scene in the movie, came across really forced to me; it just wasn’t that funny. When you get lines like that which fall so flat, it can take you out of the song a little and I totally got that feeling. I thought the delivery of the lines by Action Bronson is fantastic. Each word is enriched with character and his style rings out well over the beat; I liked his approach to rhythm and pulse, he occasionally rapped on the off beat or slightly out yet it still worked cohesively.

The feature is completely pointless as I feel Big Body Bes adds nothing to the track whatsoever. I know they’r good friends in real life, but in the studio that means nothing. I actually his part distracting; it took me back out of the song. Oh well it could be worse I guess…

Overall then the track is okay, I won’t remember it in a couple days but I certainly won’t hate it or turn it off if it’s being played out loud. I’m intrigued to see where Action Bronson goes next but hopefully he’ll go down a slightly more weighted route.

5/10 – Your average rap track with a decent performance by Action Bronson


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