Muse ‘Revolt’ Song Review

Now I like Muse, I do, but this song is a real stinker. I found myself so bored listening to the whole thing through and it came as a real disappointment to me. However, the music video is unbelievable. I know we never comment on music videos on this site, but the whole 360 degrees thing, wow that’s stuff of the future I want to see more of that! Anyways back onto the song, yeah it’s a real dud. All the fundamentals are competent but they are executed in such a plain and boring way; I hate it when that happens because it makes it much harder to review.

The production of the track is okay but I do think there are improvements that need to be made. For one, the guitar sounds gutless all the way through. Although I like the tone of the distortion, it just came across so thin that it felt a little extra rather than driving the song. The guitar solo proved this excellently being by far the worst part of the track; Muse are usually much better than this. The bass also didn’t really impact me at all as the low end felt a little thin too; this is very out of character. The drums are passable but don’t really jump out at me at all through the track. The vocals are mixed pretty well allowing for the natural tone of the singer to really ring out powerfully; the vocals shouldn’t be this much more powerful than the instrumentation though.

Musicality wise is where the track falls down. Muse are known for huge instrumental scores and for catchy rhythms/sequences; so what happened here… The form is of your stereotypical pop song, the bass line has no intricacy or detail, the guitar is stale and repetitive and the drums offer nothing of excitement. I’m not asking for every song to be as big as ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ or ‘Plug In Baby’, but here it just feels like there was no effort put in. Everything felt safe and easy; I usually struggle to cover a Muse song but with this one it would take a couple minutes max.

Lyrically the song is stupid, it just is. It’s more of the same revolution/anti-establishment stuff but possesses no substance to it. The comments pointed out a funny point when they mentioned how it’s a little hypocritical for Muse to hate on drones when they are using one for their music video; maybe narrow it down a little next time. It came across so cheesy and put on, Muse aren’t a punk group but the last few outings they’ve tried to pass the message of one and it just isn’t working.

The vocal performance is okay but I’m beginning to find Matt Bellamy’s approach to singing a little old now. Every word is hugely over-dramatised and a little creepy to be honest. This doesn’t always work. Change up the dynamics a little, speed up the vocal delivery, DO SOMETHING. Every single track is sounding the same at the moment and it’s causing their commercial prowess to take a beating each year; it’s time to stop.

Overall the track is functional but hardly memorable. I expect bigger and better things to come out in the next year or so for the bands sake, because I’m starting to fall out of love with the group.

4/10 – A real yawn fest with not many redeeming factors.



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