Amber Run ‘Stranger’ Song Review

What a great way to start off the day! Now this isn’t the first time I’ve heard this track, I actually heard it earlier this week when preparing for my birthday; it caught my eye then and it still does now. Fun fact, I have a best mate that went to uni with the lead singer out of Amber Run and they still keep close contact now, how cool is that! Going into this track the first time, I didn’t really know too much about Amber Run. Never heard a single one of their tracks and never heard anything about them as group. So I was fresh; the best way to review a track eh! Anyways let’s dive into it!

This is definitely one of the better tracks of the week. It’s right up my alley and is one of my favourite styles; I can’t complain. The instrumentation is vibrant and well layered, the vocals brooding and powerful, and the production of the track is top notch; everything I could want from a group like this.

Starting with the production, the whole song is very consistent. The guitars have this beautiful tone to them that carries their progression that much higher. The vocals slip into the mix well and only cut through on the climax; that’s how it should be. The drums are my only real problem here and it’s not like a massive fault or anything but it is noticeable to me. They just sound a little weak; the kick doesn’t hit very hard, the snare is a little tame and I could hardly make out the toms. However, they did fit into the mix well and suited the instrumentation; it just didn’t sound as good as it could of been on big speaker.

The musicality of the track is minimal, but in a good way. The progressions are simple but powerful, the drum beat fits each part perfectly never over-doing it or underwhelming me and the vocal performance is incredibly strong. Sure the track could of done with a heavier bass line and the declining progression got a little old by the time we reached the final chorus but these things are nitpicks and aren’t quite as weighted as other tracks. I loved the instrumental and vocal harmonies used throughout this track because they created this rich, atmospheric texture that really fills out the stereo field.

Lyrically the song is fairly strong. There aren’t any moments that really stand out but the song never stoops to cliche or cheesiness; each word is delivered with sincerity and passion. You believe each word and that’s what makes the track more real in my opinion. The ‘Stranger’ hook sounded fantastic in headphone really creating this huge scope; it sounded like a stadium rock song at times.

Overall then a really solid track. It has me excited for any music they create in the future and I will be sure to keep up to date with what the group are doing. I recommend this one, definitely one of the better tracks of the week.

7/10 – I see huge potential in this group, just waiting for them to release that special number.


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