Devin Townsend Project ‘Stormbending’ Song Review

This song has the best climax I’ve heard all year; it literally left me shaking… WHAT A TRACK. Today has been an incredible day for reviewing music, I’ll tell you that much. The String Buzz team and I have had a woeful few weeks with bland, weak titles being thrown towards us, but today we are being knocked off of our feet! This track is no exception! Gosh is it powerful, it blew my frickin’ face off on full blast! I’ve actually never heard of Devin Townsend or this project before this track, but now I’m about to raid his discography! When a song can impact you so hard that you immediately want to follow the artist, then that song is special. I can only imagine what this track sounds like live; epic is an understatement.

Production wise the mix just about held up despite the huge sound. The drums had some power to them, the guitar tones stuck out as the driving force of the track and the vocals propel almost operatically. Whoever produced this track deserves a solid pat on the back because he’s pulled off the impossible here. When the track kept building and building with more harmonies and synths I thought ‘this song is about to break any second now, the treble will be unbearable’, but no, it held strong and instead punched me right in the gut.

Musicality wise I’d have to say this is one of the stronger prog songs we’ve had this year. Although the technicality isn’t particularly remarkable, the arrangement is masterfully executed. With each new section you feel something brooding in the darkness; this has to be one of the most vivid and sensual tracks I’ve heard this year. Each note produces a new canvas for each lyric to paint a picture on; the imagery is fantastic. The vocal harmonies are stunning in every way; the way they build is wonderful. This track is a great example of why synths need to be utilised better in rock tracks; prog songs are killing it at the moment with their textures and this song proves that.

I can’t really tell you the form as I don’t know it myself. It just felt like each section was a bigger and better section than the last; it’s like one long build up in to a climax that explodes into life. I could take apart the layers but I’d be here all day, let’s just say they all combine to create this almost orchestral burst of energy.

The vocal performance is on another layer. This has to be one of the best vocal performances of the year no doubt. Each lyric is bellowed at you with this immense power and emotion; I must of said the word power or powerful ten times in this review and rightly so. Each lyric is believable and applicable; I hold on to everything he says and it effects me directly, that’s what I want from lyrics in a track like this.

Overall then this track is a must listen. Not just for prog fans out there, but for music fans in general; if you want a track that’s going to knock your head off on first listen, then this is the song. It’s heavy yet vibrant, progressive yet cohesive and most importantly, the track just kicks ass and I love that.

8/10 – More… I must… Hear… More…



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