I Prevail ‘Stuck In Your Head’ Song Review

Just as I was riding high off of the new Amber Run track, I get kicked in the teeth with this new track. What a dud. This is the exact reason why rock music is so hard to review at the moment. Before you say ‘oh it’s not rock it’s (insert meaningless genre here)’, shut up, this is a bland, bog standard pop rock song and nothing better; just because you have guitars and heavier drum beat doesn’t make you not pop but default. I hated every moment of this track and passionately so too. I had never heard of I Prevail and I kind of wish it stayed like that.

The production of this track is both functional yet laughable. The drums sound a little robotic and generated rather than raw and natural. The guitars tones are functional and mix well with the wholesome bass. The vocals are mixed okay for the most part, but the rough singer sounded terrible. He had no gusto to his layer and sounded like someone screaming in the background; all the edge is taken off of his voice. The whole song felt like a safe bubble of predictability; we need to stop producers mixing rock tracks like little crowd friendly pop songs because it sounds hideous as a result.

The musicality of this track is shocking. The guitars sound way too highly tuned for this style of music; they need to be in drop C or something. The progression is made up of strummed power chords throughout hence meaning there were no catchy phrases introduced at all. That guitar solo… Or whatever that was meant to be… Yeah that sounds awful. The bass again just strums away with no imagination whatsoever; yawn and more yawn. The drum beat clearly shows that the drummer is capable, but every one of his fills are predictable and cliche, and he really does nothing inventive throughout the whole track.

Lyrically the song is garbage. It’s edgy teen garbage too, the worst type of garbage. Just word after word of empty meaning and cliche; I lost my appetite after the first verse. The hook is bland and isn’t nearly as catchy as they think it is. Weightless and substance-less; relevant to everyone, applies to no one. The delivery of the lines is weak too with the clean singer sounding like a Disney character and the rough singer sounding just plain terrible; his lines are so weak and don’t impact me whatsoever.

Overall then? A horrible and forgettable track. This is the type of track that really grates on musicians and gives us a hard time thinking why these people manage to make it to the big leagues. Definitely don’t recommend this one; steer clear if possible.

3/10 – So bland! So unbelievably bland!


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