Madilyn Bailey ‘Death Of Me’ Song Review

Another clone here with another song that I’m pretty sure has already come out 50 times this year. From that statement alone you should be able to see where this review is going… Yeah the song sucks, let’s not gloss it up. Madilyn Bailey is a Zara Larsson clone who in herself is a Sia clone who in herself has now become a Rihanna clone; try singing a little bit different or something, be original! From start to finish this song is a by the numbers pop chart song, one made to just hit the top 20 and remake the money for the next single. Either that, or to fill Madilyn’s live set list with content so that the live performances can make the money back (this one is more likely). Of course the track has no thought, of course the singer possesses no character and of course this track will be forgotten by this time next week.

Production wise the song is your standard pop track mix. What do I mean by that? Well all the life and natural tone is sucked out of it, leaving a clean shell which sounds nice to the average listener. But I’m not the average listener, I’m a musician and reviewer and I can tell you that I noticed these things far too easily. All the instrumentation is generated, all the layers possess the same dynamic variants and the vocals have been slapped with a noise gate and a pitch correction. This is robotic type stuff people, and it’s just as bland as it sounds.

The musicality of the song is of course, non-existent. From start to finish we have the same progression which is louder in the chorus, quieter in the bridge and at a standard level in the verse; it’s music for babies really. There are no changes, the form is regular and by the beat, and there is nothing to get excited about. Each section sounds the same, because it is the same, just with different lyrics and perhaps a different vocal melody. It’s grade A garbage created on the cheap for a huge return on investment. The vocal performance is sub par actually making it somewhat underwhelming. The vocals contain no character or personality, it literally sounds like a home cover in parts from some YouTube star. Nothing original here.

Lyrically the song is cliche to heck but you didn’t need me to tell you that. Each line is almost eye rollingly bad as she talks about the same rubbish every other pop singer sings about. All the lyrics are subject-less and weightless, meaning that they are relevant sure, but they don’t directly apply to anyone; that’s the boy band approach usually, but I guess it’s original to take what a boy band does and use it in your own solo approach, still not a good thing in the slightest though.

I’m not going to waste anymore of my or your time here. The song blows, it’s a stinker that will be there in my worst track of the week category as at least an honourable mention. I’d rather the song be bad with life, than soulless and standard; at least then it would be memorable.

2/10 – When a song offers absolutely no re-listenable value, then I’m going to score it this low, that’s a fact.


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