Calvin Harris ‘My Way’ Song Review

Gosh this is a little pathetic really. I actually feel like a bit of a dunce having to review this track, because I’m putting more effort into writing this review than Calvin did writing this track. The lyrics say it all. He mentions something about his ‘way’ 75 times. Yes I counted. Seventy freaking five times. The song is only four minutes long, that’s roughly ‘my way’ spoken every 4 seconds-ish… What the hell. The stats alone prove that this song is a dud, now I’m going to back that up with some cold, hard facts.

The songs production is woefully underwhelming. The beat carries no weight or impact to it, the vocals seem so unnatural and cut through the mix far too much, the little steel pan melodies sound so generated and fake, and the whole song just sounds like a calamitous, boring mess. Sure each aspect is functional, but each aspect is so plain that it’s hard to even concentrate listening to this song; you drift straight away into thinking about something else.

The musicality of the song is practically non existent. The form consists of like a thousand choruses and two verses; yeah there there isn’t a bridge, I’m pretty sure pop tracks have forgotten what a bridge is. The progression remains the same throughout the whole track and the beat never follows down any other avenues; again it’s so plain it’s almost unbelievable. I mean the melody is a little catchy, so that’s a plus, but it sounds so generic that I’ve already forgotten it.

Lyrically… AHAHAHAHAHA… You can’t expect me to comment on the lyrics after what I’ve already told you. I’m not trawling through 75 ‘my way’s just for you, jheeze who do you think I am?

All in all then this song is a stinker. This is one of the shortest reviews I’ve ever done, ever, you know why? Yeah in case I didn’t mention it, it’s because of the 75 ‘my way’s. I hope to God that this isn’t the way music is going, because if it is, it’s going to be impossible to review pop songs I’ll tell you that much.


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