Knuckle Puck ‘Evergreen’ Song Review

So if you don’t already know, the site has a review on the complete Copacetic album; I’d recommend reading that before this one for context.

So here we are with the first song review of the day and this time we’ve got the good old boys from Knuckle Puck with their track ‘Evergreen’. I’m a huge fan of Knuckle Puck, I can’t lie, I think they are one of the best pop punk groups around at the moment and I really enjoyed their full album last year. In fact it even made our best list of that year. So it was strange to me to see this pop up on my recommended playlist; this track came out over a year ago and we are just getting a video now? Strange. Anyways, let’s cut the pleasantries short and dive right into this song.

I have to admit, and you’d probably know this if you read our prior review, that this track is my least favourite from the album. I know that’s a little controversial as fans cite it as the best, but I just don’t dig it. It’s much safer, much tamer and much more stereotypical than their average tune. I mean you’re setting the bar high as a pop punk group when you have a track like ‘Pretense’ on your song list which has blast beats, spoken word sections and a proggy form; this track just doesn’t hold up to that. At the time the song stuck out like a sore thumb because it seemed so unimaginative to me. On the re-listen, nothing has really changed; I don’t see the appeal.

Production wise the track is solid (as are the rest of the songs on that album). The drum beat is thick and impactful, the bass is frenetic yet wholesome, the guitars keep their tone despite the aggressive mixing and the vocals cut through in the right sections very nicely. Joe has one of the most unique voices in music today and it was nice to hear his ability showcased so well. I wasn’t a huge fan of the little studio effects that were put on some sections however as they seemed a little lazy to me. The whole ‘telephone’ EQ put on the vocals before the final chorus lost all the momentum that was built for the use of a cliche technique; not a fan.

Musicality wise this track is definitely one their weakest in the discography. The guitar harmonies are practically non-existent in this track making the whole composition sound very ‘strummy’. The drum beat is also a little more plain than usual relying on one of the most predictable punk drum beats I’ve heard in a little while. Let’s not even talk about the bass… Bass in pop punk is just a layer. There isn’t any thought put into it and Knuckle Puck are guilty here of that here, but then so is every group past the year 2000 in the genre. The vocal performance is definitely one of Joe’s weakest too, never really letting loose throughout the whole track. Now you might relate that to the subject matter expressed in the lyrics, but then that doesn’t add up because the instrumentals are so fierce anyway.

On the subject of lyrics, it’s all your usual ‘sadboy’ pop punk stuff. Sure it’s metaphorical and a little philosophical, but when you strip the lyrics down, they don’t really mean anything. It’s teenage poetry that applies to teenagers, now I’m growing out of that bracket I struggle to find this applicable at all. I think the needlessly dark and heavy lyrics reduce away from the track because a consistent hook can’t be built with such ‘un-catchy’ phrasing.

All in all then, the song is functional and okay. It’s a little filler to me and a little cheesy but I can understand why fans hold it dearly; maybe they just connect with the lyrics on a deeper level than I do.

5/10 – There are much better songs on the album which should of had their own video months ago, this track seems a little late to push now, especially during all the controversy there’s been between the band and Jarrod Alonge.


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