Muse ‘New Kind Of Kick’ Song Review

Now I’m not going to take this song too seriously as I know it’s meant to be a seasonal joke. However, this song is better than their last 5 singles… Which in a way, is the funnier joke. It’s the first time I’ve heard Muse do something different in at least 5 years, I’m not even exaggerating here… This song is actually pretty fun and pretty different; there are a lot of aspects I really like…

Production wise the song is solid; it actually sounds much better than their last track ‘Revolt’. The time around the bass has some killer distortion and the vocals have this 80’s start mix overlay; it’s honestly a master stroke. It’s tough, it’s powerful and it hits pretty hard on big speakers. The drums sound more brooding too, they have some presence to them this time around. I think there was guitar in this track… But honestly I don’t really know, that bass distortion was so thick and juicy that I couldn’t make out a guitar over it. That’s a mean feat in itself.

Musicality wise the song is simple yet memorable. The bass riff is literally two notes, but it works. When you pair that up with a tom heavy drum beat, you’ve created a stadium pleaser. Good job. The vocal performance is pretty damn good too! I moaned a lot last review about how Matt sings way too over the top all the time now, whereas this showcased something different; it has a lot of character and there is no crooning like we are used to… That I love, I want to hear some personality in a rock song, it’s just a shame that you had to do a track like this before you could show it. I was holding out for a sweet guitar solo in this track but it never came. Unfortunately the song just kind of ends after the second chorus and that’s it over and done with; the track isn’t very long if you didn’t already know.

Lyrically the song is just a load of fun. Sure it’s hardly Bohemian Rhapsody, but it does come across very tongue and cheek; it’s entertaining to hear. The vocal melody is actually a lot of fun too. The way he pushes out these phrases leaves me tapping my foot and pumping my arm. That’s the way it should be.

Overall the song is a quick, fun and surprising in all the right ways. Although it’s meant as a little Halloween feature, the track carries pretty well and I appreciate it as a standalone feature. This proved what Muse can do, now it’s just up to them to keep up this momentum; you may of finally got me back on side again.


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