Blood Orange ‘I Know’ Song Review

I’d never heard of Blood Orange going into this track, heck, I still don’t know whether it’s a vocalist or a band, but what I do know, is that this song is great for many reasons. It really caught me off guard if I’m honest. I went in thinking it was going to be another stereotypical pop track, but oh God was I so wrong. This thing is borderline progressive, I love progressive! But it’s more than that. It’s genre-defying. It’s sometimes a little experimental, it’s sometimes a little ambient, it’s sometimes a little R&B, it’s a whole lot of things!

Production wise the track is pretty solid, but I do think that there are improvements that should of been made. The vocals sound raw and crisp, I wouldn’t change a thing about them. The minimalistic production on his voice, allows for this aura of mysterious; it’s pretty exciting in all honesty. The instrumentation however is much more varied. The synths and keys sound great; their texture really fills the track up nicely. However, there is a real lack of low end on the track. The bass is almost non-existent and the drums have no impact to them. I think in the choruses, this track could of done with a deep and wholesome electric drum beat; the one we got just felt a little limp when it had so much potential, a touch annoying really.

Musicality wise this song is a huge surprise. The synths sounds wonderfully vibrant and paint a real picture as the track develops. The little piano sequences are also enticing from the moment they start. Each phrase sounds interesting and pretty darn catchy; good job there, bravo. The vocal performance is what I enjoyed the most. When the first note hit I did initially think, ‘oh God this is going to be a struggle’, but again I was ever so wrong. Each note possessed a huge amount of character and emotion; I believed every lyric he delivered. I got some real Seal vibes in here, with some melodies sounding almost identical to his early work. That’s a huge compliment if you didn’t already know. His performance alone has grasped me in wanting to hear more and that’s how it should be with a new artist. The form of the song is also great too, with huge instrumental sections and a really irregular format. There is a definitive hook that is used at random, really getting stuck in your head in the craziest of times. The whole song felt so vivid and sensual to me; I honestly had a really great time listening to it; it reminded me a lot of the ambient music I like to create myself.

Lyrically the song is really interesting and clearly possesses some personal value. I love that in a track. If each word sounds realistic and personal, then I believe each word and hence each note is more powerful. There are no cliches or cheesy sequences; everything just came across so real and natural, I really did enjoy this track.

Overall then this song is definitely worth a listen. With some better production, I can see Blood Orange really taking off into the new year. I know there is already a big and loyal following for the group/artist, but I think that will only multiply with some more sturdy tracks. The ideas and themes presented throughout the track had me fixated; it’s honestly very alluring.

7/10 – If this track had some better production, it would be hitting the 8’s and 9’s no problem.


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