Mango Retreat ‘Here On Earth’ Song Review

The fruity sounding group dropped another track last week which, by luck, we stumbled upon just before shutting shop on Wednesday. Immediately I knew that we had to review this track; it’s basic reviewer instinct really. So let’s cut the waffle shall we and dive into this review!

Personally, I think this track is absolutely brilliant. The textures are vibrant, the instrumentation layered and rustic, and some sequences are catchy as heck. When first listening to this group and watching their music video I thought ‘wow, I wonder who they’re signed to’, only to then read up on how they are still an independent group… How? These guys are a gold mine! They’re exciting, they’re intelligent and their music could really take off with some big budget promotion.

Production wise the track is surprisingly solid for an unsigned group. The bass in particular possessed a sweet tone that carried the low end almost singlehandedly. The banjo is also well produced, sounding raw and natural throughout; it really punched home the melody through the mix. The vocals also kept their natural tone, never sounding processed or tampered; clearly they both had great days at the studio because I couldn’t make out any pitch correction at all. The organ/keys sound subtle and soft in the mix, but they do help build up this chorus-like texture; it creates an ambient swell that covers all the grounds that the other instruments can’t. The drums fit well in the accompaniment too; being a prog fan I always like my kick drum slightly deeper and snare slightly harsher but then I think that would of been too over-powering for this type of track. Keep hold of this producer, he definitely get’s your sound.

Musicality wise the song is intelligent and well thought out. Clearly there is an emphasis on melody here, which for this genre, works very well. Each sequence is thick and well phrased; the arrangement is far superior to say your average Mumford and Sons track (far, far superior if you ask me). The banjo in particular plays a sequence that has been stuck in my head all week; bravo sir, bravo. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous throughout and when they get a chance to let loose, they really add a new dimension to the track. I think the vocal partnership between these two could be what separates the group from others on the market; it’s just a very different and fresh approach. In fact, I’d like to hear the female vocals turned up a notch in the choruses as she possesses a very hearty tone that could bounce off of the males folky voice well. The bass lines surprised me in this track because I’m so used to strumming in folk tracks; the sequences here are flavoursome and the transitions often impressed me. The drums also had some sweet transitions that never swamped the mix yet still maintained a strong presence; it takes a good drummer to play what is needed without being self indulgent and that’s what he managed to do here. The form of the track is regular, but I still enjoyed the way each section flowed. I felt a real Vance Joy/Soggy Bottom Boyz fusion here; that’s a huge compliment.

Lyrically the song is fun and great to hum along to. They’re catchy, they’re never cheesy and they showcase some real character from the group. The vocal delivery by each vocalist is strong throughout, with the males tone suiting the progression of the track really well. Their timbres really create this lovely, natural atmosphere that sucks you in very quickly. I can’t wait to see what they both do in the future, if they keep on like this, I’d be surprised if they don’t explode on to the scene during 2017.

Overall then, I’d definitely recommend giving this track a listen. It’s one of the better tracks I’ve heard all week and it still qualifies for our track of the week competition (which it’s in for a good shout of winning). Usually I’m not a huge fan of this whole indie folk thing, but I’ll definitely keep up to date with this group because their music is catchy as heck.

G Rating: 8/10 – One of the better indie folk tracks to come out in the last few years.

I Rating: 8/10 – This track is going to take some beating to knock off our top spot for track of the week.


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