Bloc Party ‘Stunt Queen’ Song Review

Now I’m a fan of the OG Bloc Party ever since their track ‘Helicopter’ was featured in Fifa 06 (gosh that brings back good memories). I always felt that they were so different and new; they actually were one of my favourite groups for a little while. However, the last 5 years or so has left me fallen out of love with the group. I felt they became way too electronic, and though it sold well, it kind of tarnished their legacy. A lot of their original fans jumped ship to other projects and it’s Bloc Party a little alone now. Their fan base is drastically smaller than it was and I don’t hear anyone talking about them anymore; they’re old news. But let’s cut the scathing comments here and dive into this new track.

Production wise the track is excellent; it’s practically the perfect indie production. Each beat sounds heavy and thick, the guitar sounds quirky and organic, and the vocals are prominent in the mix yet don’t swamp any of the instrumentation. Altogether, the producer has done a fantastic job. Even the synths had an interesting tone and timbre to them that had me glued in from the word go; good job here, good job indeed.

The musicality of the song is a little lacklustre in all honesty. The first minute or so I thought, ‘wow, this is great, this is so different’, but then by the end of the song I felt exhausted and a little bored. The progression is fun and entertaining at the start, but the severe lack of variation had me a little bored and tired. The strange time signatures and off-canter guitar strumming is pretty sweet though; I really enjoyed the technicality here. The vocal melody is also catchy as heck; it reminded me of the younger Bloc Party stuff a decade ago or so. The vocal performance is more of the same really and again I found myself enjoying it. The form is even quite fun and thank the Lord we finally got a bridge. But there is something missing… I called it lacklustre at the start and I mean it, there isn’t any spice. It kinda just drags on and repeats itself.

Lyrically the song is more of the same too; Bloc Party always has well crafted lyrics. Is it at the level of say ‘Helicopter’ or ‘Banquet’? No, but they’re still fun. They are delivered well too which always helps; the lyrics came across believable and I hence connected with them because of it.

All in all then the track is definitely worth a listen, but it won’t break any boundaries. It’s a throwaway track for me, I’ll probably listen to it another couple times but then it will be forgotten; usually Bloc Party tracks are timeless in my opinion. However, this is a step in the right direction for the group and I hope they do more of this… Maybe less synths, but more of the wacky time signatures, that stuff’s great!

6/10 – A pretty decent track but a poor Bloc Party track… Hopefully that makes sense.


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