Bryson Tiller ‘Let Me Explain’ Song Review

This song is a little underwhelming to be honest, and that’s coming from a guy who had never even heard of Bryson Tiller going into the track. It started off fairly brightly and had me interested up until the thirtieth second, but after that I completely drifted off. I found myself looking at Facebook memes by half way through the track, completely distracted from the song; it became background noise pretty fast. The song just lacked any flair or spice; it’s boring, it just is. It’s not that bad of a song and it’s not infuriating in the slightest, but it’s just boring.

Production wise the song is decent. The beat sounds rich and thick, and the vocals sound organic and raw; the best production I’ve heard all day. The hi-hats however could do with changing a little bit as they sounded very tinny to me. The textures filled out the stereo field well and Bryson’s voice is prominent in the mix; the producer is a competent producer. I haven’t really got many flaws for the production.

Musicality is where the song falls down. The song is such a drag and way too over-reliant on this dream pop progression that really goes nowhere. Here it comes… The fifth one of the day already… THERE IS NO BRIDGE. Ah that felt good to let out. Yeah the form is pretty bad. Yet I did like the intro, it had me grasped in fast, but that again didn’t carry through to the rest of the song; it felt more functional than relevant. It just felt like verse after verse of weightless music; it’s so boring. The synths started off well with a really sweet, watery backing and timbre, but they faded into obscurity pretty quickly as the song kept trundling through with the same repetitive rhythm. Bryson came across sounding like a discount Weeknd in this track too; I didn’t connect with his tone whatsoever. You can tell he’s trying to sing seductively, but it just came out a little forced to me; I didn’t believe a single word he sang so he had no impact on me.

Lyrically the song is pretty darn cheesy. It’s more of the same R&B rubbish that we have come accustomed to as of late. It felt fresh and new when Miguel and The Weeknd added their tones to the mix back in the day, but now it just felt out dated. The soul is severely lacking from this track. Each word sounded ripped from another song and each phrase came across as highly unoriginal.

All in all then, this track is a bit of a snooze fest. It had potential and the elements are there, but the lack of change left me bored listening to it. It might connect with other people slightly better but this style just doesn’t appeal to me at all, shame really.

4/10 – Song is boring, like real boring.


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