Charli XCX ft Lil Yachty ‘After The Afterparty’ Song Review

What a huge dud to start the day off with! This song is a steaming pile of excrement; a great waste of my time. Coming off of her last EP, Charli XCX was riding high. She had great commercial knock back and the EP was a critical success… Why? I don’t really know judging off of this track. Since I haven’t heard that particular EP, all I can say is that Charli XCX is 0 for 4 with me now. I haven’t even remotely liked one of her tracks yet and every time I hear her name my eyes roll back into my skull. So let’s cut the insults short here and dive into this review.

The tracks production is merely functional. Charli’s voice sounds pretty organic and untampered but I can definitely pick up some for of pitch correction in there. The piano is the best for me; it’s been produced in a way that has kept it’s raw sound whilst still being prominent in the mix.. The other instrumentals sound horrific, full stop. They are there just to fill up the stereo field, but the timbre’s, tones and textures are hideous; when you put these synths together, all you get is a huge electronic mess. Now I don’t really know who Lil Yachty is, but judging on this, he’s clearly another Future clone… That’s bad, oh so bad. He sounds horrendous in the mix with some of the shoddiest autotune I’ve heard since Future’s last track; he also sounds weak and quiet in the mix.

Musicality wise, other than the piano melody, the song is a stinker. The progressions never change or vary, the instrumentation has rinse and repeat dynamics from section to section and the feature is a complete waste of time. Don’t get me wrong, I like the little piano melody, but everything else sounded plain garbage. Heck, I actually thought Charli sounded worse than the instrumentals; her voice is so nasally and put on. She possessed no natural tone and it hurt to listen some parts where she crooned out notes that are out of her range. The form of the track means that there is no real bridge… Again. That obviously peeved me off as there was no climax… Again. Lil Yachty’s feature is one of the most tacked on things I’ve heard all year; he’s completely unnecessary to the track. Is flow is weak and forgettable, and he just had no impact; in fact he took away from the song.

Lyrically the song makes me sigh out of every orifice. The afterparty thing sounds like some kids-bop crap; and every one said she was a genius going into this thing…?  Some lyrics genuinely angered me with their generic nature and lack of substance; I just didn’t get the point of this song. Like we get the whole party thing by now Charli you’ve done countless songs on that topic, why don’t you change it up. Her vocal performance is slightly weak which is surprising to me. The melodies aren’t catchy, they’re irritating, so that probably didn’t help her case…

All in then the track is a completely forgettable slog. Nothing of meaning happened at all within the track and there is very little replay value. I definitely recommend you steer clear of this track.

2/10 – This song is bad, real bad.


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